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Three Cher Jokes I Am Deathly Tired Of

News: Cher Homes and Burlesque Leaks

A Cher-Renovated Home Sells

I wonder if these Cher-houses have some kind of Cher-seal on them (maybe over the front door). You know, like an Oprah-selected book.

Cher has auctioned her newly designed home at Hualalai Resort in Hawaii for $8.72 million. Cher bought the land in 2009 for $2.9 million. Ka-ching!

Hold me closer, tiny bathtub:


Luxury his and hers:


Come on in! We're playing board games!


Lawn chairs in the pool:


The story:

More photos:

Burlesque Song Leak!

Christina_Aguilera_2006_pr From the paparazzi hanging around the movie production to the constant news stories on comments from the stars to the “leak” of this Christina song the week, hype about Burlesque is HOT. Is it just the accidental zeitgeist of a cast and storyline we love or is rather good public relations? Who knows.

In any case, here is a hodge-podge of online commentary that surrounded the leak:

 “Spotlight,” a new track for the Burlesque soundtrack, made its way to YouTube in full today after floating around for about a week as a very short snippet.

The track has a retro, throw-back feel much like Aguilera’s last studio album, Back To Basics, with big horns and finger snaps throughout. She teases with one catchy line stringing the movie and song together: “Get your ass up, show me how you burlesque!”

It’s a throwback to the 40s, spiced with touches of jazz, pop, blues, swing, and big-band. It isn’t new ground for Aguilera like it was back in 2006. But her voice fits those stylized retro songs so well.

“Spotlight” does, however, pique our curiosity about Burlesque — what decade is it set in? Will the film’s soundtrack will span various musical genres (as did Christina’s last major movie vehicle, Moulin Rouge)?. In any case, we’re stoked for November 2010, the movie’s scheduled release date...

… people involved in the making of the soundtrack is top-notch producers Danja and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart as well as singer/songwriter Sia Furler.

One story:

Most of the song links posted yesterday have already been taken down after studio pressure. Far be it for me to incur the wrath of that big business. But here’s the bad news for them: in the Internet century, once something is out, it’s pretty much out for good…like a sneaky little moth, that's hard to catch and pretty soon you have a zillion baby moths all over.

Search, my Cher-fan comrades, and ye shall find.


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