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End of Year Cherities

CheripodCher auctioned an iPod: winning bid $510

The winner received the autographed iPod which came with her own selected playlist and a gift card to with iTunes.

For the second year running, an impressive star-studded group has rallied for Tonic’s Celebrity iPod Auction, benefiting Music Rising, a nonprofit works to support the Gulf Region’s rich musical heritage from replacing destroyed instruments to rebuilding music education programs to re-opening the historic Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans.

To donate to Music Rising:

And who wouldn't love to see that playlist!? That's worth the auction price, right there.

Cher Scholar received her first press release this week:

Cher Joins List of Notables in Library Named for Her, in Bali, Ind. / The World Is Just a Book Away

CHER, adding to her list of humanitarian efforts, has offered her support to The World Is Just a Book Away, based on her belief in the importance of reading and books. For the libraries opened in June in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, many prominent people who also support the organization's mission had libraries named in their honor, including Muhammad Yunus, Queen Noor Al-Hussein of Jordan, Jane Goodall, Desmond Tutu, Yo-Yo Ma, Miep Gies, Shirin Ebadi, Lois & Buzz Aldrin, Fess Parker, and the late actress Natasha Richardson.

The non-profit organization The World Is Just A Book Away supplies books, and builds libraries and schools for children in developing countries--partnered with the InterContinental Bali Resort to opened a school library in Bali, Indonesia, on Friday, Dec. 18, named for the worldwide entertainer Cher. The 'World Is Just a Book Away-Cher Library' is TWIJABA's first one in Bali. The Resort was intent on refurbishing the school and asked TWIJABA to do the library. Only a year old,TWIJABA opened its first 10 libraries in Sidoarjo, Ind., in June 2009, and a dozen more PLUS a mobile library will be opened there, as well, later this month.

The mission of The World Is Just A Book Away is to bring hope--in the form of books, libraries, and schools--to thousands of children in developing countries. The program was launched in Sidoarjo, site of the mudflow disaster that displaced more than 60,000 people and destroyed many schools. The libraries introduced the idea of loaning non-classroom books for recreational reading. The libraries also have educational DVDs for on-site use.

2009 results:

  • 10,000+ children will have access to books
  • 20,000+ books will be provided to children
  • 22 "The World is Just a Book Away Libraries" will be built
  • 1 Mobile library serving an additional 28 schools will be launched
Cher is a force across all areas of entertainment, is a worldwide performer, and humanitarian. Singer-songwriter, actor, director and record producer, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards and a People's Choice Award for her work in film, music and television.

To donate:


Buy a Cher House for a Loved One

Cherhawaii1 Is someone on your Christmas list oh-so-hard to shop for?

Well, you are in luck because Cher is selling her Hawaii Island House:

"Cher Didn't Sleep Here" was a popular theme in reports of this sales event:

"After building a house on Hawaii’s Big Island but never living in it, Cher is auctioning off the property."

Uh, people...isn't this like the umpteenth house Cher has remodeled and sold for shoe-money?

Concierge Auctions, which is marketing the property located at the Four Seasons’ Hualalai resort, anticipates bids between $8 million and $12 million. There’s no minimum bid, but there’s an unpublished reserve price that must be met. The singer bought the 0.76-acre property in December 2004 for $2.9 million and began building the house last year. A gated courtyard leads to the main house, which comes with an infinity pool overlooking the fourth hole of the Ke’olu Golf Course.

The main house is flanked by four one-bedroom bungalows and a detached media room. The property will be auctioned on Jan. 18. The resort, on the Big Island’s northwest coast, counts brokerage pioneer Charles Schwab and computer mogul Michael Dell among its residents.

Ooh. Who wouldn't want to live next to Charles Schwab? Good times.

At least with Michael Dell you might get a free laptop with your annual Christmas fruitcake.

Other story:


A New Year, A New Caesars Program

Dollhouse-queen-mary Give to Caesars what is Caesars.

Last weekend, a friend of mine went to Vegas and stayed at Caesars Palace. One morning, she said, there was no hot water…those Vegas hotels--even the nice ones get a little rickety. And she dropped by the Cher store for me to pick up the new Cher program Vol. 2 which is now available. But she changed her mind when another fan informed her that only 2-4 pages had been added. Allegedly, only the new Mackie costume sketches were put in.

Ahem. "Update" and "Volume 2" are two very different concepts.

Another inhumanity of lazy product reselling! Bah humbug, Cher.

In me news: this was a week of moving my Cher junk out of an office and it reminded me how much I love my Cher posters and Cher fan art. Which made it so timely that Cher scholar Peter sent me a wedding gift of two Cher art pieces. I love them and I’ll try to grab a picture soon as I unpack my camera. They are very kewl!

Here’s what Peter had to say about them:

Of course I did those!  I did them in HIGH SCHOOL!  All my art projects were based on Cher.  The WITH LOVE print was a silk screen - I still have 4 in various colors which I have been meaning to have framed individually for my hall.... I have to say  I just LOVED that image of the album cover so much and I thought I TRULY represented Cher..... the STARS is a block print - I still have the original block.

This reminds me that whenever I had to learn something in school--or now--how to search the library periodical books for magazines and news clippings, how to use the Internet, how to use a new online shopping services or databases (like, I always start by searching for Cher things.

Anyway, someday I hope to flesh out my office full of posters as phase one of the Chersonian Institute.

But for now I only have next year. And I’m excited about next year. I’m ready to get some work done, some new pottery, some new writing, I want to turn my old dollhouse into an art piece (I bought it when I was 11 and inspired by Queen Mary's Buckingham Palace dollhouse--pictured above). Hopefully we will have more interesting interviews for I also plan to start the third Cher Zine in January. From Cher we should get a new movie (Drop Out) and hopefully a new album. Who knows what that will turn out to be: oldies, duets, repackaged old albums?

Now that I’m a married lady, I think it’s time I bought a sconce.


Even Stars Feel Weather

Cher is cold All over America…it’s CA-HOLD! Even in our warm little paradise of Southern California. Look! Even Cher is cold.

Daily Mail commented she was “Looking less like an international superstar and more like The Pirates of the Carribean’s Jack Sparrow…”

And she’s shopping for shoes again. I myself hate shopping for shoes. But as the Zen Buddhists say, you must take care of your feet above all else. They are the foundation of your life.

Here is a blow by blow of the shopping expedition (it’s like the paparazzi is following Lewis & Clark. Do we need this much useless information?)

She and a friend headed into Beverly Hills where they stopped at department store Barneys New York, where a pair of long black boots caught her attention.

In true celebrity style, she kept her dark black sunglasses on but ditched the big coat as she warmed up during her spending spree, showing off a trim figure in snug velour tracksuit bottoms and a tight hot pink vest top.

Still without her coat, she dashed out to her stretch limo but battled with her scarf as she tried Shoes to pull it back over her face again.

Cher then visited a day spa for some pampering before heading to LAX International Airport where she flew off to Las Vegas by private jet.

The Grammy-winning singer began a three-year residency at the city’s 4,300 seat Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in February.

Last Tuesday, she celebrated her 100th show and throwing a huge party for her crew. She hired the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls revue girls to perform for her and her bandmates, dancers, acrobats and technicians at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge in Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace.

Buzzfoto didn’t like the hat, but has self-awareness about living in a world of Cher hats:

Normally, we’d ask WTF was this star thinking for being allowed to go out in a hat like this, but since it’s Cher, we won’t even bother trying. Cher shopped at Barney’s yesterday. We hope she purchased something to replace that atrocity on her head.

The Coverage with More Photos:

My Cher Fantasies

Barry-manilow So I don’t have fantasies of hanging out with Cher like most of my other straight female Cher fans (all five of us). Because when I try it, it never ends well. In those types of fantasies Cher and I would disagree over everything, like why we have to go shop for shoes all the time; or I would egregiously bore Cher with my whining about shopping for shoes all the time; or Cher gets cross at me for the lame shoes I’m wearing (pretty much my Keens every day, with flip flops on special occasions). So these hanging-out-with-Cher fantasies are not fantasies that are useful to me in any way.

My fantasies involving Cher, going back to when I was eight years old, do involve Cher doing duets with other people I am celebrity obsessed with. I know this seems like a very narrow type of fantasy situation in terms of possible plots…but it does keep me entertained on rainy days, of which today is one.

My first childhood Cher fantasy, after imagining Sonny & Cher getting back together in dramatic soap opera scenarios, was my fantasy of setting up Cher with Barry Manilow. Now I know what you’re thinking. Spare me, please. I NOW KNOW WHAT A BAD IDEA THIS WAS. Inconceivable (and yet I did conceive it), ridiculous…but you imagined it for a minute, didn’t you. And now you’ll never be able to get that out of your brain’s data bank now.

But let’s move on.

Last week I had a fantasy that Cher and John Waite would unite to record a cover of Elbow’s awesome song “One Day Like This.”

And I just wanted to share that with you.

Jimmydeanpartee sent me his Cher poem he mentioned last week in a comment and I hope he doesn’t kill me for posting it here. But I think this very fine Cher poem goes a long way toward showing that JDP and I are sharing thoughts in some weird way about both Zen Buddhism AND the discomforts involved in hanging out with Cher.


What if we met
on a lone beach
your malibu digs....
And sat on a BIG rock.
Would we
have something
talk about???
I think
we would be
And breathe.

Elton John Is Top Gay Icon

Cher_and_Elton_John_1975 In other very important news, Elton John and Judy Garland were declared top gay icons by This is an interesting choice of Elton John. At first I didn’t like it but it is growing on me.

This choice shows us that gay icon represents more than just a singer gay men or women love, but a person in the position of ultimate representation and activism. John’s recent efforts to adopt a son have highlighted family-value issues as understood within and outside of the gay community. So, it’s a fine choice.

It is interesting to see how the male/female winners and contenders were different in the ways they tended to be iconic:

The male list was predominantly made up of gay men – including late Queen singer Freddie Mercury, British TV star Stephen Fry and ‘Faith’ hitmaker George Michael – apart from soccer hunk David Beckham, who is married to Victoria Beckham.

Meanwhile, the female list was full of glamorous female stars – including singers Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Cher – rather than famous lesbians.

Caesar's Show News

Chercostume3 Tickets for year three of Cher’s Caesars show went on sale on my wedding day, new shows starting April 10, 2010. I still haven’t bought any tickets yet. I heard that Barry Manilow is moving to the Paris Casino for a more intimate show. Is that another way of saying low ticket sales booted him out of the larger Hilton theater? In any case, I would like to bundle these shows into a Cher/Barry Manilow weekend so that I can recreate a typical weekend of mine as a pre-teen spending quality time with my parents’ phonograph. Yes…my parents had no record player; they had a phonograph. That’s how old I am, kids.

There’s a new Bob Mackie interview where he talks about the show’s new costumes and how Cher’s favorite color-schemes for them have evolved over the years. Now she likes day-glo green and hot pink. Wore orange once but now really hates it. Wasn’t the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour color scheme orange. There was a lot of orange going on back then as I recall. Cher has also added “The Fire Down Below”,Chercostume5 the old Bob Seger tune she sang in late 80s/early 90s shows, back into her set with a New York stage and zoot suit a costume.

Bette Leaves, Cher Stays:

And Cher will mark her 100th performance soon if she hasn't already.

Three New Cher-ity Sightings

Chergala Cher recently attended a Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) gala fundraiser looking sweet:

Here's a report on another sighting:

"Cher's got Kyle, babe: The oddest celeb charity pair ever" By Jay Busbee

Quick-hitter for you here -- spotted this ad for some kind of charitable gala in Miami Thursday night, featuring -- of all people -- Cher and Kyle Busch. Wha ... ?

Sure, Cher doesn't seem like a good match for NASCAR, but think about it -- she's been rebuilt more times than one of Robby Gordon's cars, and at this point her makeup/plastic surgery team probably works as quickly as any pit crew.


Seriously [folks], the charity is to benefit Operation Helmet, which helps provide helmet upgrades to combat troops, so it's a good cause. And it's exclusive, too -- only people who visit their website and pay $125 to $250 for a ticket are invited. Get to it!,203118

Cher herself went on Auction:

Cher's fans can now bid on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the music icon in her personal suite for drinks and attend her Vegas show. Three auctions are currently ongoing on eBay to benefit The Heroes Project through the GlobalGiving Foundation.

The three auction lists, from November 9 until the 19th, offer tickets to Cher's show at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, a one-night hotel stay, and a meet-and-greet with Cher in her very own hotel suite. Winners will choose one date from December 5, 12, or 19.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit The Heroes Project, which aims to improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systematic change. As of November 15, the auctions have 32 to 51 bids and have reached $3,100.

So I wonder who won. And come on! 3k? She doesn’t auction herself off everyday!