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End of Year Cherities

CheripodCher auctioned an iPod: winning bid $510

The winner received the autographed iPod which came with her own selected playlist and a gift card to with iTunes.

For the second year running, an impressive star-studded group has rallied for Tonic’s Celebrity iPod Auction, benefiting Music Rising, a nonprofit works to support the Gulf Region’s rich musical heritage from replacing destroyed instruments to rebuilding music education programs to re-opening the historic Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans.

To donate to Music Rising:

And who wouldn't love to see that playlist!? That's worth the auction price, right there.

Cher Scholar received her first press release this week:

Cher Joins List of Notables in Library Named for Her, in Bali, Ind. / The World Is Just a Book Away

CHER, adding to her list of humanitarian efforts, has offered her support to The World Is Just a Book Away, based on her belief in the importance of reading and books. For the libraries opened in June in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, many prominent people who also support the organization's mission had libraries named in their honor, including Muhammad Yunus, Queen Noor Al-Hussein of Jordan, Jane Goodall, Desmond Tutu, Yo-Yo Ma, Miep Gies, Shirin Ebadi, Lois & Buzz Aldrin, Fess Parker, and the late actress Natasha Richardson.

The non-profit organization The World Is Just A Book Away supplies books, and builds libraries and schools for children in developing countries--partnered with the InterContinental Bali Resort to opened a school library in Bali, Indonesia, on Friday, Dec. 18, named for the worldwide entertainer Cher. The 'World Is Just a Book Away-Cher Library' is TWIJABA's first one in Bali. The Resort was intent on refurbishing the school and asked TWIJABA to do the library. Only a year old,TWIJABA opened its first 10 libraries in Sidoarjo, Ind., in June 2009, and a dozen more PLUS a mobile library will be opened there, as well, later this month.

The mission of The World Is Just A Book Away is to bring hope--in the form of books, libraries, and schools--to thousands of children in developing countries. The program was launched in Sidoarjo, site of the mudflow disaster that displaced more than 60,000 people and destroyed many schools. The libraries introduced the idea of loaning non-classroom books for recreational reading. The libraries also have educational DVDs for on-site use.

2009 results:

  • 10,000+ children will have access to books
  • 20,000+ books will be provided to children
  • 22 "The World is Just a Book Away Libraries" will be built
  • 1 Mobile library serving an additional 28 schools will be launched
Cher is a force across all areas of entertainment, is a worldwide performer, and humanitarian. Singer-songwriter, actor, director and record producer, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards and a People's Choice Award for her work in film, music and television.

To donate:



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