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Caesar's Show News

Chercostume3 Tickets for year three of Cher’s Caesars show went on sale on my wedding day, new shows starting April 10, 2010. I still haven’t bought any tickets yet. I heard that Barry Manilow is moving to the Paris Casino for a more intimate show. Is that another way of saying low ticket sales booted him out of the larger Hilton theater? In any case, I would like to bundle these shows into a Cher/Barry Manilow weekend so that I can recreate a typical weekend of mine as a pre-teen spending quality time with my parents’ phonograph. Yes…my parents had no record player; they had a phonograph. That’s how old I am, kids.

There’s a new Bob Mackie interview where he talks about the show’s new costumes and how Cher’s favorite color-schemes for them have evolved over the years. Now she likes day-glo green and hot pink. Wore orange once but now really hates it. Wasn’t the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour color scheme orange. There was a lot of orange going on back then as I recall. Cher has also added “The Fire Down Below”,Chercostume5 the old Bob Seger tune she sang in late 80s/early 90s shows, back into her set with a New York stage and zoot suit a costume.

Bette Leaves, Cher Stays:

And Cher will mark her 100th performance soon if she hasn't already.



i am very sorry i said those things on your
"wedding post"...
please go to that post to read all...



December 1 was the 100th show.

100 down, 100 to go...

Cher Scholar

Thank you Dann for clarifying the date for the #100 show!


No prob... Cher didn't say anything during the show that it was her 100th, but the crew got a nice "Congrats on your 100th" cake, and they all partied afterwards.

I hope that it's over after the next 100 and she doesn't extend her contract... As much as I love the show and am glad to see it evolving a bit, I still think that she never should've done it in the first place....


Mary - it's me Dishy. I sent you an email to you and not sure if that one is still open. It's me - DISHY! I have a wedding gift for you that will trump all! So please send me your mailing address. Love you and congrats.

Cher Scholar

Dann, that's interesting that you say that about Cher's Vegas show: loving it but thinking she shouldn't have done it. Can you elaborate? I have conflicting thoughts about it.


During the three or four years when the Vegas rumours first started up until it was announced in early '08, I kept hoping that it wasn't going to happen... To me, it just seemed like a "been there, done that" career move for Cher since she was practically the Queen of Vegas in the late 70s and early 80s. As much as I love her music and concerts, I was hoping that she would concentrate more on acting and/or directing after The Farewell Tour... And, even though I love the show (and The Cher Store too, of course!) and I do understand the reasons why Cher probably agreed to do it, I still wish that she wouldn't have.

Cher Scholar

I will admit that I do enjoy the opportunity to see Cher do a Vegas installation in my lifetime; since I was too young to drive to the last one! But I too was thinking we were headed for more music, movies or some Audrey Hepburn-esque charity phase. There must be gobs of money being made with the circus.

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