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A New Year, A New Caesars Program

Dollhouse-queen-mary Give to Caesars what is Caesars.

Last weekend, a friend of mine went to Vegas and stayed at Caesars Palace. One morning, she said, there was no hot water…those Vegas hotels--even the nice ones get a little rickety. And she dropped by the Cher store for me to pick up the new Cher program Vol. 2 which is now available. But she changed her mind when another fan informed her that only 2-4 pages had been added. Allegedly, only the new Mackie costume sketches were put in.

Ahem. "Update" and "Volume 2" are two very different concepts.

Another inhumanity of lazy product reselling! Bah humbug, Cher.

In me news: this was a week of moving my Cher junk out of an office and it reminded me how much I love my Cher posters and Cher fan art. Which made it so timely that Cher scholar Peter sent me a wedding gift of two Cher art pieces. I love them and I’ll try to grab a picture soon as I unpack my camera. They are very kewl!

Here’s what Peter had to say about them:

Of course I did those!  I did them in HIGH SCHOOL!  All my art projects were based on Cher.  The WITH LOVE print was a silk screen - I still have 4 in various colors which I have been meaning to have framed individually for my hall.... I have to say  I just LOVED that image of the album cover so much and I thought I TRULY represented Cher..... the STARS is a block print - I still have the original block.

This reminds me that whenever I had to learn something in school--or now--how to search the library periodical books for magazines and news clippings, how to use the Internet, how to use a new online shopping services or databases (like allmusic.com), I always start by searching for Cher things.

Anyway, someday I hope to flesh out my office full of posters as phase one of the Chersonian Institute.

But for now I only have next year. And I’m excited about next year. I’m ready to get some work done, some new pottery, some new writing, I want to turn my old dollhouse into an art piece (I bought it when I was 11 and inspired by Queen Mary's Buckingham Palace dollhouse--pictured above). Hopefully we will have more interesting interviews for Cherscholar.com. I also plan to start the third Cher Zine in January. From Cher we should get a new movie (Drop Out) and hopefully a new album. Who knows what that will turn out to be: oldies, duets, repackaged old albums?

Now that I’m a married lady, I think it’s time I bought a sconce.




my co-worker just got back from Vegas. she brought me a
Cher shopping bag with
a tall black Cher Mug
2 8x10s of Farewell Tour
the review of Cher's Show
from Fri,Dec 18 newspaper
she says she took many photos... haven't seen them yet...


Robrt Pela

Beware of sconces.


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