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We Can’t Turn Back Time and Make This IGYB Cover Any Better

If-I-Could-Turn So Cherkids, I’m leaving. And I’m going to be gone for a few weeks…like a few weeks meaning three.  Three whole weeks. Please don’t forget me when I’m gone. Please don’t buy an overabundance of Olivia Newton John albums. And please don’t take any wooden nickels. Just be good. Be safe. Is that too much to ask? I’ll getting married. By some miraculous stroke of universe functioning. So just keep it cool for a little bit. Okay?

But before I go, I do what to leave you with two small Cher items for discussion in your own small groups and committees:

I received this note from my friend Coolia a few days ago.

Subject: Top 40 1989

I was just listening to a countdown by the original VJs on Sirius radio from the top forty of this week in 1989. Cher came in at 38 with just like Jesse James and 35 with turn back time. The VJ said that turn back time reached #3. I thought it hit #1, no? Also they had a quote from Cher saying she didn't like Jesse James because it had too many lyrics

So I wrote back saying TBT, although one of Cher’s iconic hits, only made it into the top ten, reaching  #3. Although it did reach #1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart and it did hit #1 in Norway allegedly although I wasn’t there to confirm this. So why did it stall out at 3? Does anyone want to put forth a theory?Marrianebowie

This also passed my desk this week: David Bowie and Marianne Faithful singing IGUB.

I dig this crazy version, I really do...including the ending guitar riff, the nutty backups and Marianne’s muck ups.

…but “We won’t find out until we go?” Does he mean until we kick it? What are your thoughts?

Please discuss all Cher-matters with civility and respect for all diva-creeds. Larger things are happening in the world…like my wedding. :-)



I'm late but Congrats on the wedding!


It's kind of a bummer that Cher didn't have a #1 in the '80s, and now again in the '00s... But, like you said, at least IICTBT (and "After All") did get to #1 on the AC chart in the '80s, and she had three #1s on the Dance Club Songs chart in the '00s, so it's pretty amazing that she technically has had #1 songs in every decade from the '60s through the '00s if the criteria is expanded to include all of Billboard's US charts... Let's hope that she gets at least one more in the next decade...


I'm sure there's a few theories out there as to why IICTBT did not get all the way to #1 on the Hot 100, but I think it would have if they had released a CD single.

Here in the US, it was only available as a cassingle or a vinyl 7". If you wanted the song on CD, you had to buy the whole album, and album sales don't count on the Hot 100. If a CD single had been available to buy, especially after the whole scandal happened over Cher's outfit in the music video, I think that would've helped.

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