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News Wrap-Up (Kooza, Liza, Fans, Body Image)

Cherkooza2 While I’ve been beyond-my-mind busy. Beyond, beyond, beyond. Muti-tasking every minute of the day. As I type this, I’m thinking about an email I need to write to the caterer about the groom adding another person to the rsvp list a day after I turned final numbers into them and two days after printing and laminating all the seating “library” cards! ...which are very very kewl, by the way. Do you know how calming the lamination process can be to a frazzled bride-to-be?

Do you know how stressful Beauty (or in some cases non-beauty) can be?  And I'm up to my ears in programs, programs, programs!! In times like these, I depend on Cher World for my Cher news stories…

In Santa Moncia Cher goes to see Kooza show and we see her pictured at the gate.

So we do know she is going to see Cirque de Soleil shows.

More info on the show:

At the Coloseum,  Cher surprised the five-millionth Coloseum ticket-buyer since Celine Dion opened the theater back in 2003 with back stage passes and front row seats.  Lucky Jason Hernandez!

That story also had this tidbit:

Also rumours are circulating that CHER is keen to tour Europe and possibly the world with a SUPER tour next year after the release of her next studio album and movie Burlesque.  Cher is said to be in talks with management and whilst her Farewell Tour was supposed to be Cher’s last, the last laugh may be with Cher with a Farewell Farewell Tour Part II.


Cher was also visited at the Coloseum by Liza Minnelli recently. Sweet!! I love these gals. They should doCherlizaminelli a single! Or what about a whole album: Cher and Other Fantasies Deux. Duets with all women: Tina, Liza, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, (not Aretha please), some ballads, some dance, some real grrrl power! A few young gals, a few older gals, a few forgotten gals. Sigh. That would be sweeter than sweet.

Speaking of sweet and tear-jerking, Cher met with a long time fan and pancreatic cancer-victim recently. I love this story, I really do.

Tom Moore is 53 years old and in hospice care, which means he is in his final stages of his cancer. To celebrate his wife’s 50th birthday, they decided to go to Vegas, renew their vows and see the Cher shew. Cher obliged, gifting them a room at Caesars, a limo, VIP tickets, and back-stage passes. Tom has had a crush on Cher since childhood and owns all her albums.  It’s a really touching story by Cathy Dyson, detailing their trip backstage and how Kathy contacted Cher.

 “I’ve led a blessed life,” he said, trying to keep his eyes open through the pain and fog of medicine.

 “I’ve met the love of my life, I’ve traveled the world and served the greatest country on earth.” Then, as Kay patted his knee, Tom added: “I’ve had a good life, a very good life.”

And Cher At Home...Cher, like the rest of us, has body issues.

She said:

“I was underweight all my life. So thin, no matter what I did. I was one of those active kids. Then, a few years ago, for the first time ever, I suddenly had to watch what I ate.

“Your metabolism changes, and if you eat the same, it goes to all the wrong places. On the hips, round the middle, the arms. I had to up the exercise to get less of a result.”

I can relate.


Chaz to Appear on TV Tonight

…and tomorrow on Entertainment Tonight for an exclusive interview.

I dip my toe in the pool of Cher news yesterday just in time to see the blast of Chaz stories on his Entertainment Tonight appearance. If you miss it, I’m sure it will be on the Internets soon.

Take home news from the press stories:

  • The interview takes place in Chaz’s LA home.
  • Chaz has “six-figure” deal for a memoir called “Coming Clean” – due in 2011.
  • Long-time therapy helped him make the decision.
  • Physical changes so far have included: lower voice, fat redistribution, hair growth, sex drive increase
  • He’s been able to start shaving and got shaving stuff for his birthday
  • He can’t speak for how his mom feels about it all but every one close to him has been supportive. Is that a workaround way of saying Cher is not supportive?
  • Chaz talked to ET allegedly about getting his breasts removed but was uncomfortable talking about anything ‘below the waist’ and that that’s a personal decision.

But then all of this really is. Which brings up the debate between what is personal and what can be public. Granted it's hard to make that quick decision when you're nervous and being interviewed.

But this morning I was finding a hard time drawing the line between the two objectively. Everything I came up with seemed arbitrary and well…personal to me. Should the line stop with anything I would feel uncomfortable hearing my Dad talk about? No? That’s too loaded with parental discomfort. My brother? No, same issue. My guy friends? Well, every social circle has different boundaries. I feel perfectly comfortable talking about sex with anybody but you may not. How about shaving? How about surgery? It’s all a bit blurry.

I’m always curious about Chaz's continuing vocation because he seems unsettled in that area and he’s had such a patch-work history career-wize. From what I can tell, he’s now working as a gay rights activist (and author) but I wonder if the book will be co-written again.

Here are some news outlets for more info:

New Interview

Players Feeling out of the loop in Cher list news and down and tired in the midst of editing processional music in music editing software I was learning, I went to ebay for the first time in quite a while to cheer myself up with Cher goods.

Wait a minute. I just realized I’m looking for a break out of my wedding obsession with my celebrity obsession…that’s not good.

Sigh. It’s all relative I guess.

Anyway, I found some Caesars’ brochures and the new Caesars Players Vegas magazine out with a new Cher spread and interview. And it's the best new interview in a long while – great layout (although I miss a magazine's original Cher photos; why must they capitulate to using Cher's PR photos?).

The Chrome Hearts fashion label is again quoted prominently. 

There's some good info here. Cher has an iPhone with some calendar feature where she seems to be adding spontaneous messages to Sonny. I wondered if this worked somewhat like a diary but I have yet to get my iPhone (can't wait!) so I'm not exactly sure what she was referring to.

Cher remembers that Chas helped the show behind the scenes during the last Caesars run of the late 70s. I remember pictures of her in the 1979 People Magazine looking quite helpful. Cher went to the gun range with her brother-in-law and fired a 9-millimeter and an automatic rifle, and that she likes to try things she’s afraid of. Which is a good thing. My bf talked me into taking a gun-firing class a few years ago. You never know when you’re going to need those odd skills. Cher wants to take tennis lessons too…all her friends play. She says she loved sports in school and was real tomboy.

To keep in shape it's weights, running, ballet, yoga, and the occasional hike on mountain trail with the aforementioned iPod. Cher loves to sing outdoors to the tunes of Springsteen, Bob Seger, Hall & Oats, “all the old people” she says.

The reporter states “the stage of her show in essence doubles as a runway.” And I think it helps to frame her show in this way. Which is why I feel Cher would be so awesome on Project Runway as a dual guest with Bob Mackie.

Cher says, “On a given night, a song will be more fun to sing or seem newer and I sort of forget I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

Their filmography of her does claim Drop Out in 2010 and Burlesque in 2011 (wah! Long wait). This confirms with JimmyDean posted a week or so back from his sleuthing at the Cher Store. Cher says she picked the film Drop Out because she loved its 14-year old made her laugh. She liked Tropic Thunder for the same reason.

The discography only covers Cher albums with the exception of the Allman and Woman album; and All I Really Want to Dois completely out of order, listed as her 3rd album in 1966. Backstage is called Cher Backstage. She delayed working on a new album because she chose to vacation during her last break.  Tough titties for us, huh?

Here another fun pics I found on ebay last weekend: the original late 70s Caesars program!

80 program cp

Wedding Bell Blues


So as you can see, I Found Some Blog is in virtual hibernation as I happily slog through wedding duties. I’m actually having a really great time compiling our programs and cutting down songs. Everything is falling into place. Knock on wood.

I was thinking last night that in many ways this has been a fairy tale wedding in planning (knock on wood again), from the Parisian proposal to the awesome invitations, to all the ideas and creative bells and whistles John and I have contributed to the basic structure of a wedding, which has made the process more fun for us, hopefully more entertaining for our friends, and so much more personal and meaningful.

But there have been a few snags, as there always is. And in a strange way, John and I have bonded over this as well. In a sad way, it has furthered the fairy tale motif: feeling rescued by a Prince Charming from childhood troubles and sad relations with certain family members.

The only grief over this wedding (and I do use the word strongly) has not been over bridezilla-eque wedding details gone awry, but family drama.

Now both my therapist and my good friend Ann warned me over a year ago that weddings often bring out the worst in families, especially narcissistic family members. And I have some of those…not all of them (there have been some in my family who have been very helpful to us during this time)…but there’s been some whopper moments from the others.

Weddings are clearly a case of something that is all about you. And narcissists have two ways of dealing with that: they will either parade around like peacocks in order to draw attention back to them or refuse to participate any case, keeping things squarely all about them and their needs on what is to be your very special day. All advice (online, on the couch, over drinks) recommends holding steadfast to yourself. In this time of your life, it really is all about you.

It’s still heartbreaking when it happens. And I have to say, a few relationships have been changed as a result.

Putting together my wedding has been mostly an awesome experience that I’ve enjoyed immensely. Cataloging my worst day to my friend Ken, he said “I am sorry you are going through this...weddings bring out the worst in people.” 

So between the actual happy moments of the past few weeks and the head-shaking f*#k-ed up moments, this is the reason I have fallen off monitoring Cherabouts. I have no idea what’s going on in Cherdom but I have plugged in The Best of Cher into my CD player a time or two just as a coping mechanism.

I do seem to recall Cher’s mother giving Cher these comforting words: “If it doesn’t matter in five, years, it doesn’t matter.” Unfortunately, I do think some of my experiences lately will still matter in five year. But it is comforting to think of your trials in the context of geological time, which is why this song by Beth Neilson Chapman comforts me:

“Solid stone is just sand and water baby,
 sand and water…and a million years gone by.”

You know what else cheers me up sometimes?



These two handsome gentlemen are seen as cruising the streets of LA
(pic taken by their chauffeur Julie W.)