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News Wrap-Up (Kooza, Liza, Fans, Body Image)

Chaz to Appear on TV Tonight

…and tomorrow on Entertainment Tonight for an exclusive interview.

I dip my toe in the pool of Cher news yesterday just in time to see the blast of Chaz stories on his Entertainment Tonight appearance. If you miss it, I’m sure it will be on the Internets soon.

Take home news from the press stories:

  • The interview takes place in Chaz’s LA home.
  • Chaz has “six-figure” deal for a memoir called “Coming Clean” – due in 2011.
  • Long-time therapy helped him make the decision.
  • Physical changes so far have included: lower voice, fat redistribution, hair growth, sex drive increase
  • He’s been able to start shaving and got shaving stuff for his birthday
  • He can’t speak for how his mom feels about it all but every one close to him has been supportive. Is that a workaround way of saying Cher is not supportive?
  • Chaz talked to ET allegedly about getting his breasts removed but was uncomfortable talking about anything ‘below the waist’ and that that’s a personal decision.

But then all of this really is. Which brings up the debate between what is personal and what can be public. Granted it's hard to make that quick decision when you're nervous and being interviewed.

But this morning I was finding a hard time drawing the line between the two objectively. Everything I came up with seemed arbitrary and well…personal to me. Should the line stop with anything I would feel uncomfortable hearing my Dad talk about? No? That’s too loaded with parental discomfort. My brother? No, same issue. My guy friends? Well, every social circle has different boundaries. I feel perfectly comfortable talking about sex with anybody but you may not. How about shaving? How about surgery? It’s all a bit blurry.

I’m always curious about Chaz's continuing vocation because he seems unsettled in that area and he’s had such a patch-work history career-wize. From what I can tell, he’s now working as a gay rights activist (and author) but I wonder if the book will be co-written again.

Here are some news outlets for more info:


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