Cher at the Fair
Wedding Bell Blues

I See Black People!


Here is an interesting peak into Cher's 1980s Egyptian-style house and working with Cher and her team from a photographer's point of view, Anthony Barboza in particular.

Remember that chain mail and jewels look?

But what is the black-people obsession about in this article? Kind of an explosive issue and I thought it should either be eliminated by Barboza or pumped up a bit more. As it was I couldn’t tell what his point was. Did he think Cher's entourage was racist? This is a surprising idea to me. But what do I know? Was Barboza overly sensitive to what was more of a photo lighting issue than a race issue?  Or did he suppose the lighting issues were code for racism?

We’re all tuned in to issues of race right now with the President and the protests, so it’s a timely topic but the article was kind of a tease. How refreshing if he would have just come out and talked about it fully. Because I’m liked a dog with a cocked head, like did I just hear something juicy?

Full story on:

His celebrity gallery has a very cool alternate take of Cher from the session described in the article; Cher is surrounded the fur of her white couch:




I absolutely, positively,
fucking LOVED that house...
i bought AD mag that featured it in 1979 and have spent my whole life wishing for THAT particular cher-house.... i would even take a scaled-down, affordable version...

if only Ron Wilson would would release a big glossy
photo book of all the houses he has ever done- including
the architects various plans and complete with all
the other particulars, including the on-going process of final completion...

i, also, want to live in the BEWITCHED house...and the I DREAM of JEANNIE house. i believe the two houses were actually side by side on the film lot, such as they were...

the MUNSTER's house might be cool and i saw once online, where a couple in TX were actually building a
scaled-down version of that house...
OH, hell, let's have the OLD HOUSE and the NEW HOUSE from DARK SHADOWS, toooo...



oh my god jimmyDean whoever you are you are my soul sister! That is MY fave Cher house and besides the Bewitched, Minters houses I have ALWAYS DREAMED more than ANYTHING of the Collinswood Houses! Oh my! Love that parallel time room and the staircase to the future!!



hi...we'll just use MaryE.
as a springboard here....
(hey, mary!!!!!!)
you made me realize that the
Dark Shadow's HOUSES were kinda like the StarShip Enterprise:
they had lots of features that could help you experience really cool 3rd
demensions......(did i spell that right??? im sure maryE. will correct us.)
my YM is:
if you ever want to converse.

which do you perfer:
facebook or twitter or something else??? i've heard that some are actually gay-er than others... Not that there's anything wrong with that....
AND if CHER were to suddenly
walk onto the David Letterman show---- what do you think she would say or do, given his recent shit???
i think she would ignore it... because she always seems to be very correct when it comes to the personal stuff of life...

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