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S&C Singing "Stagger Lee"

Stagger-lee-ish Besides "Walking in Memphis" mashups, here’s something else I love to death, Sonny & Cher singing "Stagger Lee" on The S&C Comedy Hour. I used to play this song over and over on my cassette player  (as recently as 2002 when I was still walking around Marina del Rey with my walkman and my old dog Helga (RIP). I adore the S&C version. It’s so 70s-cool.

My bf and I (with the help of the video-editing skillz of my father) are making videos for our wedding reception. Lots of wedding drama ensued this week – both good and bad – from guest-list drama, to invitation-envelope drama, to dress drama. Meanwhile, my bf and his mom are picking through Mickey Gilley songs for their special dance (Gilley is his moms fav artist and she goes to see him in Branson all the time).

To get a video started, my dad sent me Gilley’s version of “Bring it On Home to Me” which I love and wish they would dance to. However, my bf is stuck on "A Room Full of Roses"  but this is kind of a depressing song and his mother prefers "True Love Ways."

Listening to them all I came across Gilley’s version of "Stagger Lee" which reminded me to look up and see who all recorded it (’s). It's allegedly based on a true story about a cab-driving murderer from, of all places, St. Louis, Missouri (

Anyway, the S&C show version ROCKS and I wish there was a YouTube clip o that.




what about the other version
where cher is wearing a purple skin tight dress, her hair in a tiny pony tail and sonny is in a b&w
it is a medley... "stagger lee and rip it up"


Cher Scholar

That's the one! Do you have an mp3?

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