Can You Dig It? (Notes on “Somebody”)
S&C Singing "Stagger Lee"

Joan Rivers Reunites with Cher

Was there a Joan Rivers Cher feud going on over the last 10 or so years? Who knows in the shadow of the more well-known Cher v. Bette, Cher v. Howard Stern feuds. (Is that last one even a feud? Or more like the faux-feud of Cher v. David Letterman? I can’t track this all people!) 

You’d think there was a Joan v. Cher feud listening to Rivers who once gripped about never seeing Cher anymore (back in the 80s on late-night tv, they used to joke about their competing garage sales).

So in light of this, it was nice to get a field report from Coolia on an episode last week of Howard Stern:

Coolia: joan rivers was on howard this morning, talking about a recent dinner she went to at cher's house, at the invitation of kathy griffin (just the 3 of them). she said cher looks great, super skinny, and they ate in cher's bedroom with servants. Elijah Blue was there and she said he was nice. They did not discuss Chaz. She said she and Kathy ate like pigs but Cher was on a cleanse and just had some beverage prepared by her staff.  She said it was lovely and they had a view of the ocean, that she hadn’t seen Cher in like 8 years but they got along fine. They talked about Michael Jackson and all agreed that it was a circus and that Brooke Shields was exaggerating the scope of her relationship. In talking about still performing at their advanced age, Cher told Joan, "We're performers. It's what we do."

Me: this is hilarious...was howard nice talking about Cher? I think he secretly likes her.

Coolia: yeah, howard seemed fascinated and jealous. he kept asking a lot of questions about it, and kept steering the conversation back to cher when they were trying to talk about other things.

On a related note: my bf is always going on a cleanse. He has all sorts of undesirable potions around the house for such purposes. I tried it twice and, quite frankly, am just happy to have survived both experiences. 


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