Cher Supports the Working Class in Vegas
Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm Back!

Zumanity...back from feelin ill and back from my bachelorette party in La Lovely Las Vegas. It’s is a bit early for my bachelorette party but my MOH is a busy party planner for a major Internet company and our open weekend bash dates were a bit limited.

Turns out we had a great time on the trip we dubbed "Gals Gone Mildly Wild." We lounged in a cabana (which came complete with cabana boys) at Mandalay Bay pool, swam in the wave pool and lazy river, ate a swanky dinner at MIX, atop our swanky room at Mandalay’s THEhotel, danced at the MIX nightclub with its awesome views of the strip, shopped, sniffed flowers at the Bellagio, had a toy party, took an iPhone purity test at the Peppermill lounge and saw the Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity.

When I got back, I saw this link posted to the Cher list from Janet Charlton’s Hollywood gossip site:

Cher …she’s psyched herself up so she can return to performing at Caesar’s Palace in September with a splashy new look. She told Bob Mackie she wants a whole new set of stage costumes. She’s tired of everything and wants to update her look. Money is no object. Mackie’s staffers are hard at work creating a new Cher and her fans might be advised to catch her show again.

Someone on the Cher list quipped, “change the set list please.”

Alas kids, we’ve been here before…during last year’s break in fact, anticipating Cher’s year 2 changes which amounted to nothing more than two song changes (which were awesome) and one new outfit.

Big disappointment that was and I’m not falling for it again. The hope of changes, that is. I am falling for going to see the show again. I can’t help it. That’s why I’m deemed obsessed. Irrationally giving over of my hard-earned cash to fill Cher’s coffers.

And the pain of my celebrity-obsessed conflict solidified as I watched the burlesque version of Circe du soliel, Zumanity.

Everything about Zumanity was awesome: the sound, the colors, the performers. All of it tugged at your heart and stroked your mind. I felt the same way about Le Reve. And all of this Cirque greatness is what prompted one reviewer of Cher’s show last year to ask if Cher and her people had even seen the other shows?

Because for a comparable price you can go see better aerialists, better stage effects, better comedyVegas and all pulled together…like buttah! It’s all just so much more creative. Either compete with that or do something completely different.

So if someone asks me if they should see the Cher show, I always say yes. But if they ask me what is the one show they should they see in Las Vegas, I would have to say O or Le Reve or Zumanity.   Especially if they’ve already seen Cher on her Farewell Tour. Because it's practically the same music set.

But I never hesitate to tell them to get ahold of a bootleg copy of Celebration at Caesars.

To thank the lovely ladies who traveled to my bachelorette party in Vegas (from Los Angeles, St. Louis and Cleveland), I sent them this kewl card from the Cher style website.



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