I'm Back!
Cher Compilations That Drive Me Slowly Mad

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!

Cherat40I was born on this day at 7ish in the evening all those 40 years ago. My mother said I made her feet swell up that summer and so she couldn't wear shoes. She also said I cried all night right after I was born.

I'm sure I was cold and probably didn't like my pillow. "Can I get some service around here?"

To the left is what Cher looked like at approximately 40 years of age circa 1986. (not sure when this photo was taken but its around there somewhere). She looks pretty damn good. I do not look this good. But I am hanging in there.Me-40

I love 40, honestly, and have been looking forward to it. Strangely I feel like a wise Latina even though I am not Latina. I feel sassy, mischievous, and ready to stir up some fun trouble.

I celebrate my day by reading some quotes from this Cher-loving blog.

During a recent interview with Tina Turner on Oprah, Cher said she hated growing old. "What about wisdom?" asked Oprah. "F*ck wisdom!" Cher replied.

I would F*ck wisdom.

See? I'm starting already!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Happy Belated Birthday, Mary. Oh 40 schmorty. It's the new 29. Ya look great!


Fourty is NOT OLD my mom has really BIG underwear that is 40!!!
Happy Birthday Mary...


Hello Mary dear...
I am Rosina at MiddleAgeless and I am so glad you found my Cher quotes! What a wonderful gal she is. I just watched Tea with Mussolini for the thousandth time.
Forty is still a baby by the way!

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