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Cher Supports the Working Class in Vegas

CHER-Silkwood2 Although I have recently expressed frustration about Cher's Vegas show and its creative limits, I do also appreciate a kick-ass piece of Cher gossip when it comes along. And stories like these are what I love about Cher (what I love other than the photographs, music albums and TV clips that is).

A post called "Layoffs at Caesar" was submitted recently on the Cher list by Travis Wisdom. He interviewed some people in the Cher Store recently and had this to report :

I went to the Cher store today to return a shirt. While looking around and the few things that were available for sale- most is Bette's stuff- I started talking to the sales clerk. She said a couple of things I would cher. First, volume two of the program will be available at the end of the year. Second, she said that periodically Cher will visit the store and last year came by three nights in a row with her sister and her mother. Finally, the woman said that there were layoffs scheduled for the representatives at the Cher/Bette store and when getting word of the cuts, Cher put a stop to it! The woman said that Cher is now paying for them to keep their jobs! She also mentioned that for the shows that were canceled at he request she paid for the lost wages of the people who would have worked that night (Celine also had done that as well). No mention on whether or not the Divine Miss M is assisting too....

First of all, I LOVE The idea of Cher walkin around in her own store. And I love that Cher is keeping herSilkwood store peeps in business and paying workers through her canceled shows. That …is…freakin awesome (if true)!

In honor of Cher's working class empathy: here are some pics of Cher playing the part in Silkwood.


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