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RamonesWhile I spent that last two weeks coughing, sleeping in delirium and getting more and more depressed about the money I'm losing being off sick from work, I heard the Ramones' song "We Want the Airwaves" and I thought it was kind of a shame Cher didn't record with them. I don't know if this was my fever talking, but at the time I thought they would all sound very good together. And what a rebellious thing to do from everyone involved. 

And that's been my only semi-deep Cher thought over the last two weeks.

I'm a bit freaked out being so sick so long because a) I don't want prolonged illness to jeopardize a job I love, b) my bachelorette party is quickly approaching (which means there will be no post next week either) and I don't want my illness to ruin it, and c) uh...I'm paying for my wedding -- I need cash and more cash and ever day on the couch brings no cash.

Good wedding news there is, however. We had our rings designed and finished by artist Myrthus Koinva, a new Hopi artist near Keams Canyon, Arizona. And our invitations (designed by by bf and his former greeting-card business partner) are finished and being printed. They are so cool!

Other positive things to focus on: I've finished a few new poems (one inspired by my new discovery of Walt Whitman) and I did get a chance to read the latest Rolling Stone article on Gregg Allman, which was minorly interesting and didn't mention Elijah (who just had a birthday) but did talk about other son Devon and his band Honeytribe and the breakup of his umpteenth marriage where Gregg is finally beginning to wonder: hey, maybe its me. Definitely an inch progress on that front.

But then I come back to work after another day of being sick, I found the office is out of diet coke and I'm now being forced to drink diet Dr. Pepper.

Cher may love Dr. Pepper. But Cher Scholar does not.





Honey Tribe the band of the "other son" is based out of St Louis...WTF who would ever wanna live there???


HI GIRL! God I hope you are on the mend! Cher Bless You! I have always been a huge Ramones fan since the beginning and I- as well - often thought Cher and Joey would have sounded great together. What a shame. Ramones are SO underrated it is unmentionable! I also read that Allman article - I don't think I ever read that Greg pulled a knife on Cher during their honeymoon!!! Take it easy Miss Mary!

Cher Scholar

Oooh you Tyler! Don't be dissin the STL!!


Ooh soda pop, especially when sick.....some hot green tea with honey!


no, NO, NO....
WHEN SICK, take herbs, vitamins and green veggies and
"am detox" tea/mint tea...
and listen to the soothing sounds of Nancy Wilson...
or just drink some good ole
whiskey....with hot water,honey and sugar....
once you're drunk-- you can spend the rest of the day
singing and dancing to Sonny&Cher and Tanya Tucker AND Nancy Wilson....until you pass out and BF puts you to bed...maybe he will take liberaties....???????

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