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Newholefit Last Saturday Cher was performing at the music producer David Foster's "'Hit Man: David Foster and Friends" concert at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Not a huge David Foster fan but let's let that go because he's really not much of this story...incredibly. (This story is actually apropos for this week because my maid of honor and I just started planning my bachelorette party at Mandalay Bay. I’ve always wanted to stay there and luxuriate in their beachy-pool.)

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why Cher wearing an elderly version of her hole-fit has caused such a reaction in the press. She’s been wearing a similar version of the same outfit in all her Vegas shows, in all the Farewell shows, and an odd covered-up version in the Believe tour shows and back through time to the original one seen on the cover of People Magazineback in 1979 which was sold at her auction a few years back. Yes, the fit has evolved as her figure has evolved. But the press notices that now?? And don’t tell me they just don't pay attention to each costume in each show when the costumes are paraded out as the most newsworthy element of each dern show.

But who am I to judge the timeliness of pubic concern over Cher outfittery? Here are the most memorable quotes from each report:

At a David Foster and Friends concert Saturday in Las Vegas, the singer, 62, wore a sheer black bodysuit, similar to the one she wore 20 years ago in her "Turn Back Time" video.

This is actually an error: she wore the V-fit in "Turn Back Time" Video...she wore her hole-fit singing the same song in the concerts. Bob Mackie made much over having to design the basically non-existent V-fit for the video--she herself felt uncomfortable with it in front of the sailors and threw on a leather jacket at the last minute. Why do people always confuse those two outfits? The V-fit is more risqueé by far.



This past weekend Cher donned a see-through body suit that was nearly identical to the iconic one she wore for her “Turn Back Time” music video in 1992. (that same error again)

The Daily Mail wondered if body suit was the original - and it’s definitely not. The cut outs are different on the sides of her torso – there were two in the original, and there’s only one now. So there’s a teeny bit more coverage. No matter what, Cher looks amazing.Maybe getting to 62 and looking this good will feel like an accomplishment, and she will finally compromise a bit and allow herself to age.

Daily Mail via Cher World:

Cher stunned audiences when she first donned her trademark black cut-out body suit 17 years ago. (Again, 17 years ago was the "Turn Back Time" video - again...wrong! Her first wearing of the hole-fit was 30 years ago as seen above.)

The Kansas City Star:

She's still putting it out there, you have to give her that. this snarky blog titled theirs “Git it Granny”  and although technically incorrect (Cher is not yet a Grandmama), it’s still funny. The rest of their review is pretty raunchy, however. Proceed to read it at your own risk. This is all I felt okay with quoting:

Ole' girl shimmed her crotch like a pre-op tranny working for his last layaway payment on a sex change surgery. - these guys celebrated Cher's over-the-top fashion sense and joie de vivre and her "scandalous, leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination glittery getup"

“In 1992, she donned a black bodysuit with so little material we'd hesitate to even classify it as an article of clothing.”

“...the jacket is definitely shorter and the hair is even bigger -- who knew, it was possible?...But, the, "I'm way more fabulous than anyone else in Hollywood could ever even dream of being," attitude hasn't changed a bit.”

Stylelist allowed users to vote on two questions:

1) How do you feel about Cher's blast from the past?
Wow! She's amazing! 55% 11,614 votes
Yikes! Leave it in the past! 38% 8,118 votes
She's still performing? 7% 1,530 votes
Total Votes: 21,262

2) Which leotard lady wears it best?
Cher 70%
Lady GaGa 15%
Madonna 15%
Total Votes: 17,166

My review of Cher's hole-fit and TBT-fit through time: 
(scroll down for a review of the hole-fit through time and the "Turn Back Time" V-fit through time)

Video of the David Foster event:




I don't think the words "elderly" and "hole fit" should be in the same sentence. However, she does still look damn good.


I wonder if there's Cher fan fiction of her in the hole fit?

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