Cher is a Proud Armenian
The FCC Story That Would Not Die

Cher Link Zoo

For quite some time there has been a ton of links clogging up my blog to-do list. I’m just gonna throw them all up here now just so I can move on with my life. You can link wherever strikes your fancy. My take for must see items have a star (or two) next to them.

  • Peripheral link: Kathy Griffin links from her Bravo Special – Cher-meet mention somewhere in there:;;;;

  • Worst dressed of Grammy shows:

  • Peripheral link: Val Kilmer selling his ranch:

  • Look! Someone looks like Cher:

  • *Cher dolls - Good overview page:

  • A story about Cher backstage at the Merle Haggard show and the venue programming director’s attempt to schmooze Cher with a bottle of Cristal:

  • *LIFE Magazine launched an online photo archive with some Cher rarities:

  • Peripheral link: Sonny’s son isn’t doing so swell:

  • Story about how Cher can be upsold popcorn:

  • A mildly funny Cher spoof:

  • Story about a Cher-sighting circa the movie The Player and the paparazzi involved: (“The coolest paparazzi target I ever saw was Cher.” The scary operative word there being ‘target.’)

  • Flaming lips song with the Cher reference:

  • Story about new house Cher bought in West Hollywood:

  • Invest in Cher songs (well…you could have)

  • Peripheral Link: Celebration at Caesars’ era choreographer Kenny Ortega talks about meeting Cher: and interview about his current projects and overview of his ouvre including a listing of his Cher projets

  • Cher stuff to buy from a site called Uncle Graveyard:

  • Cher Mermaids medley:

  • Cher videos

  • At Home with Chris and Cher (circa mid 1990s). Some say this is funny. You be the judge:

  • Muhammad Ali scene from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour:

  • *Cher’s West Side Story:

  • *Noel Harrison and Cher sing "Let's Not" on the 1968 TV special Noel Harrison is Where the Girls are (Why is Noel Harrison always where the girls are…creepy. Cher has a worried look.)

  • *S&C do "Your Just To Go To Be True" on Playboy AfterDark late 60's:

  • Cher and Gregg sing "Move Me" in Europe:

  • Black Rose on Merv Griffin:

  • **Watch Cher winGolden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for Silkwood:

  • **"I’ll Be There for you" short interview and song from HOS tour:

  • **Still Cher documentary on the BBC1:

  • **Rehearsals for "Turn Back Time" video shoot on the battle ship Missouri in 1989: (Lots of tongue and wrist. Hilarious when the guitarist runs up, flips up his hair and runs back. Some skillful lip syncing.)

  • Live- circa Believe:

  • ***Awesome Cher vs sex pistols mashup:

  • Q-tip disses the Autotune in Believe:

  • S&C Xmas memories:

  • "O Holy Night" video:

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