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Chastity's band of the early 90s, here's their video



Alfie Alfie

Cher's version of the title song in Alfie trailer:






The 45 download of Sonny & Cher's "Mama Was a Rock and Roll Singer"

I really don't see why the bother of listening to the "radio edit" of this song. I mean, if you get tired of the opus half way through, just turn it off.

What Cher was thinking when she recorded this rock opera is one of the Cher scholar mysteries of all times.




what is your take on the rumor cher rerecorded "alfie"? i myself am a nonbeliever.

Cher Scholar

I grew up in St. Louis, Missoui, john. And our motto (at least according to our licence plates) was we were the Show Me State. And I pretty much abide by that philosophy in my day-to-day Cher scholar-shipping. So I too am an Alfie.v.2 skeptic. But I always love being proved wrong about the existence of new or re-found Cher stuff.

Robrt Pela

Wait? What? "Alfie" is my fave song, ever, and of course Cher's version is my preferred recording. But: What's this about a re-record? Huh?!

I remember thinking that Mick Jagger should have gotten his old pal to re-record "Alfie" for the remake of the film. Joss Stone? Uh, okay. But Cher, who was hot again in 2004 when Mick was preparing the soundtrack for that movie, would have been a great choice for a lot of reasons.

Whatever. Please explain about this re-record rumor, though. I won't be able to sleep.


Cher Scholar

Here's the link to the rumor:

Robrt Pela

Thanks for the link, Mary. First I ever heard of this. But what is the source? This looks like a reprint, but from where, one wonders. Is this the one and only place you saw this "Alfie" story reported?

(Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm an "Alfie" nut. I own upwards of 100 versions of the song... I'm a spaz.)

This article reminds me of an interview with Cher right around the time she was set to release her last studio album. In the interview she said something like, "I've re-recorded another of my old songs, but I'm not going to say which one. It will be on the new album." Of course, there were no covers on LIVING PROOF...



Cher Scholar

Ugh, Robrt! You're such a reporter asking for such things as sources. No, I never saw a good source for this story so I always put it in the rumor column. However, I didn't try very hard, either. :-(

Cher Scholar

...and I didn't try very hard because I prefer to believe Cher's re-recording of "Alfie" was brilliant. Thank you very much.

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