Cher Talks About Dancing with the Jackson 5
Cher Mention in a Joy Harjo Play

Doubletakes: Impersonators, Covers and Album Art

Notes on impersonations

Yes, this 400 pound Cher requires a double-take, if not a spit-take. I actually applaud this interpretation, which shows no boundaries in embodying a Cher attitude. 

Notes on covers

Cher scholar Tyler found this remake of Cher's hit "We All Sleep Alone"  The fellow really enunciates every single syllable. I'm getting a contempo Christian vibe from him, although he calls himself a folk-pop crooner. It's pleasant enough with the teeth of the song as I'm used to it seem to have fallen out.

Notes on alternate album covers

Cher scholar JeffRey forwarded me some awesome photos of alternate album covers as seen out there in the wild. You may have seen some of these in used store record bins from time to time, if searching through those is your bag (it happens to be mine).

Gysy  Cher, 1971
I love the full photograph cover, you get so much more Cher face in your face. However, I can see why they’d want to add the hit titles as a selling tool, like they used to do before album-wrap stickers were invented.

Bestof  The Best of Cher Volume I
This came out in the early to mid-70s and tere was even a volume II. I love the picture of Cher talking on a phone. How normal is that? But green? Is this the alien import?

Golden  Cher's Golden Greats
This was Cher's first solo compilation. And you know I love that picture because I dedicated a zine to it. They're both interesting. One has Cher looking larger and more steely-eyed. The other is more demure. Both show off her awesome rocks and those happy yellow flowers.

What are your thoughts?



Haha, it was a fat suit! :)


Yes - that initial release of KAPP's CHER in 71 with the full cover is just plane gorgeous - Richard Avedon photos. Before the songs titles it is actual art!! The Very Best Ofs... the green one came out first and that picture on the phone is the BACK of the albun - the cover says "THE VERY BEST OF CHER" - I believe that came out in 74 after Dark Lady and the second one which has the phone picture on the FRONT came out after STARS. They are both her 60s hits. The Golden Greats (yes - god bless Sonny for taking that awesome photograph) was the official Imperial greatest hits release - that other thing "Cher's Greatest Hits" is a Springboard release - aka - super cheap crappy license deal! They also released CHER SINGS THE HITS with the shittiest cover of all time - so cheap it is funny!

Love you mary!

Cher Scholar

I love you back! Thanks for providing the dates for these. When I was 11 I bought Cher Sings the Hits from by mail and I was so disappointed that she was singing her hits, not covers! I couldn't get enuff Cher covers!

Robrt Pela

I love this Dishy person. Especially since he (she?) echoes my sentiments about that mind-bendingly crappy Springboard cover for CHER SINGS THE HITS.

Also Dishy's notes on LP releases etc. is so right-on.



One correction....Ivan Nagy (not Sonny) took the Golden Greats photo. He's credited on the back cover of the album. He also photographed Del Shannon in the late 60s, and went on to direct made for TV films.


Hi Robrt - Dishy is me - Peter (a guy) - that's just a nickname. I supplied Mary with a rather involved discography for her second 'zine a while back! And I stand corrected about Sonny taking that Golden Greats photo! Was probably thinking of the shot he tool of Cher standing on the top of the swimming pool ladder for the WITH LOVE LP cover!

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