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How Tall is Cher?

Cher-cruise http://woodenspears.com/how-tall-is-cher/

What’s weird about this page is that its bread crumb links at the top indicate it’s part of a larger website category called “Celebrity Height Information.”  In fact this whole site seems dedicated to the heights of superstars.

But why?

Well, this site claims (and for decades the story goes) that Cher is 5 foot 6 inches. But I ask you, all you fans who have met or seen Cher in person, do you believe it?

Because when I saw Cher at a book signing in 1999, she seemed tiny, at least noticeably smaller than me and I’m 5’6”. Cherwas also described as tiny in many 80s-magazine cover stories that I remember reading.

Every reporter was expecting the tall statuesque Amazon believed to be standing next to Sonny from their television show. But truthfully, she wasn’t much taller than Sonny and he too appeared to be tiny.

It’s a good project to notice how tall Sonny and Cher are (or are not) compared to other people – both on the TV show and in the movie Good Times.

I'm not saying Cher is tiny but look at that picture with Tom Cruise...she needs wig height to come even with that shorty-pants.

How tall is Cher? I don’t really feel like we know the real truth yet, kids.



I rode up an elevator with Cher about 5 years ago here in NY. It was an 8 floor ride - I am 5'9" and she was shorter than me with her boots on so 5'6" is probably about right. The thing with Cher is that this woman has so much PRESENCE she truly seems larger in real life in every way!!

Donna Schellack

I met Cher in 1971 outside her home and have a picture standing with her. She was the same height as me and I am 5' 8".

James Maqurky

i saw her standing next to brad pitt and he's 6'3" and he towered over her, but she's 5'2'

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Helene Kalish

Cher was at the Orion office in NYC and I walked down the hall with her. I am 5'2", wearing flats. She had white sneakers on and was a little shorter than me -- not 5'9"!

Mary (CS)

Interesting! Thanks for your comment.

John fahey

The whole world is just one big lie!


People shrink as they age lol


I met Cher in 1976 backstage. I am almost 5ft 5in. She was a little taller as she had heels on. I was watching a performance of her on her show on youtube with Teri Garr and the pointer sisters. All of them were wearing the same shoes. Teri Garr is supposed to be 5'7. Cher looked to tiny and was the shortest, at least 2 in shorter than Teri. So I would say 5ft 5 and probably 110lbs if that back in the 70s.


Mary (CS)

Good evidence. Thank you for this. What show were you at in 1976 when you met Cher backstage? A S&C show?

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