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"Masterbeat announced today that they just got the entire Cher remixes (DJ, Club, etc.) catalog today and for the first time ever is available for download."

It works similar to iTunes: 99 cents can purchase you one song. As all my remixes are in a basement in Pennsylvania, this might come in handy.

When you visit the site, you can access the entire Cher catalog by clicking the “All Releases” tab. Included with regular album cuts of major CD releases are remixes of:

Believe Believe – of these six remixes, the one I am partial to is the Almighty Definitive Mix. Truthfully, I was one of the rare people on the planet who didn’t love this song. And only played the ADM mix daily during that four weeks of #1 chart-toping that occurred in early 1999 when I was psychically trying to do my part to keep Believe on top.

Paradise is here Paradise is Here



Loveoneanother Love One Another - I was always confused by the fact that I thought "When the Money's Gone" was the major single of this release.

Songforlonely Song for the Lonely


Allornothing All or Nothing


Dove D’ove L’amore - did I spell that right? I'm never sure.


Strong enough Strong Enough



Diffkindoflove A Different Kind of Love Song


Musicsnogood The Music’s No Good Without You


Hos remix Heart of Stone


Takemehome Take me Home, the single version and Take me Home the 12” (which was how remixes came out in the olden days of vinyl)

There are a few missing, you'll notice if you are a remix connoisseur, which I am not. But considering these mixes aren't on iTunes, this is a kewl thing. Here's the direct link:



I'm totally not finding any Cher on there! Am I completely insane or has it been removed?


Never mind, it seems I am not special enough. I'm out of "region"


Haha, wrong word. "Territory".


This site dont have it nothing Cher!


Cher Scholar

That sucks! Is it US-centric? Can you access iTunes normally?


I'm guessing it's US-centric, because iTunes and Amazon MP3 downloading works the same way. I cannot access Amazon MP3, and with iTunes, I have to download from the Belgian store listed at the bottom of the main page; I can't download from the US one.

So yeah, it sucks out loud.

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Can you access iTunes normally?


I can access the Itunes Belgium normally; not the US one.

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