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Sonny Hit Men Rumors Resurface

Iiiii am Everyday People

Chersequins Now I know and you know that Cher is just regular peeps.

Well, to some extent.

I mean  you can’t be rich and famous from the time you were a teen and be completely one of the proletariat, no matter how “get real” you are with your home peeps.

That said, information has recently come forth that Cher has been know to grace the halls of Michaels and Target (according to last week’s interview).

Not only that, but she visited Disneyland a week or so ago AND thinks Octomom is a kook just like the rest of us do!

See? Stars really do deal with belly-button lint like the rest of us. Unless their outies.

See for yourself:

Cher at Disneyland

Cher on Octomom:

I keep trying to picture what might be in Cher's Target shopping cart and I'm vacillating between cheap plastic yard reindeer, a George Foreman Grill and bulk-size Palmolive. 



Discount Cher Tickets

Cher is one of my favourites.
What a great listing Darling. A really great artist with such a clarity of voice and lyrically terrific.

This very colorful and engaging variety show had all the splash that the 70's wanted to be .Cher does it

all(acting,singing,dancing,joking) and is simply stunning ,never second fiddle to any of her famous guests!

Musical numbers are great!! I would love to relive these shows!


i have a long list of suppliers!!!
for the cher shows i mean...
mary, said i couldnt talk about that other stuff for "offering" on her site anymore...

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