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I think it would be cool, if they let it be know from the start, that they are trying to re-vamp the Sonny&Cher magic...( for once coming on in commericals and even the show and saying so...Like white-trash rip-off people...)

AND, Jennifer grew up with Chastiy and hung out at Cher's and I'm sure Sonny's--- imagine if Cher, chas, sonny's family helped or appeared in some way????????

Actually, I just thought that what would really help the show is if they drew heavily on past variety show performers, ie, meaning having them appear and maybe focusing on the better moments from those performers own past shows...don't know if copyright would allow them to actually re-vamp old skits and musical moments from those other shows???

Mary, I Love YOU.....

Cher Scholar

That's a great idea to use clips of past variety in homage.

Do you love me for my mind or my Cher stuff?

I'll never know for sure.


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