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Bette's Vegas Show

Showgirlmust Apparently Bette Midler is not selling tickets to her Vegas show as well as Cher's Vegas show is.

I’ve been debating this issue for the last few days. I’m thinking Bette’s crowd may be older or of a more confined age range and that Cher has had a more recent radio hit (1999 – not so recent when you think about it, but compared to Bette it is). Bette hasn’t had but one really monster hit or two (I can only think of "The Rose" and "Wind Beneath My Wings") and ticket buyers may be shopping for value, in other words a hit-packed show.

Not great news though as this works against Cher fans’ theory that Cher should do more of an art show.



Robrt Pela

Another theory: Bette lost a lot of gay fans when she told Larry King, "I don't understand why gay men want to get married; isn't the point of being gay to be promiscuous and have a lot of partners?"

I was never a big Midler fan, but after that misstep, I put her on my Permanent Shit List, where she has remained. Fuck her. She wouldn't have a career if it weren't for homos. She started out performing in gay bathhouses (disgusting, but true). Her accompanist was Barry Manilow, for Christ's sake. Aside from her husband, she doesn't even KNOW any straight guys.

So. You're Bette Midler and you've pissed off a portion of your (thinking) gay audience. This means slower ticket sales for your Vegas bash.

She deserves less.

--R. Pela
(A queer)

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