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Cher's New Album

In a recent Liz Smith article, Cher revealed that her new album will be “all her favorite 60s songs.”

“I am really excited about re-interpreting some of that music. It was a pivotal time in history and in my life personally.”

I am utterly and wholeheartedly looking forward to it.




I prefer to hear something news, not old songs. A brand new pop album!


What could be better than a great collection of her fave 60s songs? That is too much for me to handle! Of course "White Shade Of Pale" will be on the record and what else? "Under My Thumb"? "Son Of A Preacher Man"? Even though it's early 70s what a bout "Bridge Over Troubled Water????" Cher can work those with a great producer. I hear that some "old friends" are stopping by the studio - Michelle Phillips for "California Dreaming????" I cannot wait.

EcstaticMomentz This filmography lists some movies she worked on? Were the last 2 released?


Oh, I LOVED her recent Vegas Shows! I went TWICE!!

Cher Scholar

EcstaticMomentz, "In the Pink" has been taken off I don't believe that movie ever got off the ground past pre-production. If you look up "Sonny & Cher" on, you find the "Be Cool" movie Cher connection. The song "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done" was used in the movie, but no other Cherness. You can see a list of other movies using S&C songs here...(IGUB is the expected favorite):


THANK You! I appreciate your wealth of knowledge! Someone on YouTube commented on a vid about Warner Bros not releasing the 4 LPS to CD again
(Allman & Woman, Stars, Cherished & I'd Rather Believe in You) & thanks to you verifying that CHER does, I corrected them. :)

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