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Cher TV Alert

Ellen_27 Oooh. I got my first fan club missive! How exciting!

Apparently Cher will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, November 3rd to show support for Barack Obama.


My secret fan-club communiqué states:

"For information on when the show airs in your local market, visit for details."  

And then they thank me for being a valued First-Year member. And send their closing regards, Official Cher Fan Club.


Other reports this week state Cher has been throwing her support around out there on the radio waves.

"I called radio stations in swing states like Indiana, Iowa and Florida to tell people to go out and vote," Cher said at last night's grand opening of Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills

Did Cher get the same phone-your-friendly-swing-states email I did? I didn't do it. I so suck.

"I wanted to call the states he needs the votes in most. It was interesting because the stations wanted to talk about music, and I wanted to talk about politics!"

Cher modestly opined that she wasn't sure if she had any power to sway the electorate, but no matter...

"I have no idea if I was able to influence listeners, but I got the message that I was supposed to get across—to vote," she says. "I really think that Obama has a chance to be the president of his time. This is a very dangerous, very sad time for America, and I really think—I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t think it—I really think that he’s the right person for the right time."

And what if Obama loses to Sen. John McCain?  "If you can't say something good about someone, you really shouldn't say anything at all," says Cher. "So what I can say is, if McCain is elected, the idea is so frightening to me, I really can't even bear to think about it."

Maybe this will help in the effort, a hilarious video of what might happen if I, (or you for that matter) forget to vote. Please watch:

Yours in Cher fandom,
Cher Scholar


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