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Withlove I found a blog post review of Cher's 1967 With Love album. It earns Cher Scholar’s vote for best-Cher-revisionist-music-critique-of-the-day with this commentary:

Though there are those that would dispute their musical validity – I used to be one of them – their [S&C's] Lps, as well as Cher’s early solo albums are a storehouse of late-period imitation Wall of Sound-isms, Sonny having studied at the tiny little feet of the master himself. That said, while Cher’s albums are often weighted down by ill advised versions of standards (but then so were any number of Motown LPs), there is almost always something cool waiting their for those willing to take the time to look.  [The album] includes a version of ‘Hey Joe’ – which was pretty cool – but the tune that really hit me was her cover of Phil Ochs’ ‘There But For Fortune’. Oddly enough, the first version I ever heard of this song was a quiet, pretty cover by Francoise Hardy (Cher-like in her own Gallic way). As I said earlier, thanks to Sonny’s (and Cher’s) time with Phil Spector, there are many Sonny & Cher recordings that bear the mark of the Wall of Sound. An extra added bonus is the fact that their musical director was none other than New Orleans expatriate, Harold Battiste who brought many Crescent City players, like Earl Palmer, Alvin Robinson, Jesse Hill and Mac Rebennack out West. It has long been rumored that the first ‘Dr. John’ LP was recorded during leftover Sonny & Cher studio time. ‘There But for Fortune’ is a great showcase for Cher’s voice – not always my favorite, but outstanding when showcased properly, a la her version of ‘Alfie’ that runs over the end credits of the film of the same name – as well as a nicely layered arrangement. Posted by Larry.




I didn't know you were New Mexico. I also live in NM, for the last 25 years. Originaly from New York, came here when my parents retired and settled here. I live outside of Albuquerque, in a town called Rio Rancho. I haven't been back East since. This diffently is a Land of Enchantment. Glad you had a great time.

Cher Scholar

Yes Rosa! I came up out of the earth right at St. Josephs in Albuquerque. My grandparents and their big family were all from Roy, a small town northeast of Las Vegas, NM - and from there they spread all over the state.

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