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The Cher Show is Coming...The Cher Show is Coming!

Cheret Excitement is brewing for the new Cher show in Las Vegas (premiering in just 6 days). I’m very excited, speaking for myself. Although I must say gas prices have inhibited my ability to afford a plane ticket to Vegas for the weekend I’m going to see it. They’re off the charts. And I even have a $100 voucher. Big sigh. I may end up driving, which I enjoy anyway. I just want to use the damn voucher before it expires in two months. But I digress...

Also, this week Oprah filmed Tina Turner and Cher in her Las Vegas episode which is set to air on May 8. Set thee Tivos. Here's a link to some of the gossip about the episode which was posted on Cher World.

Other links this week

Chershow1_2In light of that, there was a funny blog post last week from The Cher Show, the episode with Tina Turner and Kate Smith and it reminds us how charismatic Tina and Cher are together. The blog post is funny, too.

Moveme And two good links were posted this week on the Cher list from Tyler. There's a new mashup!!! I love these! Cher with Snoop Dog! Here's the MP3.

And Gregg and Cher singing "Move Me" in concert.




the YouTube version is from VH-1; the network that, shamelessly, edited all the 60-min CHER shows down to LESS than 30 mins... it causes this offering to seem stupid and useless.... when the ORIGINAL version was over twice as long and had all
3 ladies singing Beatles' Songs together and solo...
Vh-1 even edited out lines they were singing from the few songs you saw/heard...

the truth is that the original version gave you 3 legends brought together
and the end result was much better and sensible....

AND, Mary, why haven't you
digressed about the fact that these unlikely 3 would do something together so out-of-line for their personalities????
love and kisses-jimmy

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