The Bf of Cher Scholar Speaks Out
Mask, The Pasadena Playhouse Musical

While I Was Out - Cher Links Occurred

Cherphotocher6228347 Exactly how many Cher songs can one play at a wedding? Is there a Miss Etiquette rule on that? Hmmm. Anyway, thank you for your well wishes. I have lots of planning to do and would be grateful for any tips. Plus, I still have Paris-trip wrap-up to do. Hopefully next week. In the meantime, behold some new Cher links:

There was a great Entertainment Weekly blog post on Cher’s performance of West Side Story in her 1978 TV special and why this means Cher should perform every role in everything from now on.

Another blogger talks about the value on the dollar of a Cher Vegas show vs a Celine Dion Vegas show. She rambles a bit but I think I get her point: Cher is more than the sum of her parts. Is that the point?

And here's news! Yahoo Music’s list of the 10 most annoying singers of all time and Cher’s not on it!! What a relief. Unfortunately, Celine Dion is.

Apropos of nothing, I found that crazy picture of Cher while searching "Cher Store." I was hoping to find a sneak peak of the Caesars boutique soon to open. This photo, taken during for her many gym ads of the 80s post-Mask with her skunk-do, is crazy-odd. Is it the angle that’s so freakified?



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