Sonny's Film Festival Vision
Behold the New Wigs: Cher Announces a Celebration at Caesars, Part II

Tickets are on sale now (and new wig alert!)

Blondewithstyle_2 Hallelujah! Glory be the day! Merry Christmas and Bob's your uncle! Cher is going to Vegas. Have a beer! Bear hug your dog! As Maurice Cavalier says in Gigi, "have a piece of cheese!"

Go buy your tickets!

I'm going to watch Cher on Nightline tonight and will purge some more thoughts mañana!

Note: She was also interviewed by on Good Morning America this morning by Cynthia McFadden who was friends with Katharine Hepburn. Found this out while I was doing two biography book reviews for Ape Culture.

See the Good Morning America video and article here.

And one last thought: never thought I'd say this about Cher as a blonde...but I LOVE THAT WIG. It makes Cher's eyes look lovely and serene.





She kinda looks like EmmyLou Harris.....

AND, these 2 wigs(there's a black one on NightLine, as well), WEll, they look like think she did that on purpose???
Usually, her wigs look more natural...

Still, she looks FABULOUS!!!

I'm going to VEGAS in Aug.
Mary, you'll have to give cheap travel tips, short of sleeping in an alley. :)
(Which, I have done...)

Cher Scholar

Can do JDP; I've stayed in every cheap-skate hotel in Vegas (and some nice ones too).


That wig is so morgan fairchild.


i'm sorry, when did it become a good idea for cher to regurgitate madonna's old looks?

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