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Rejected Blog Title #4: And The Blog Goes On

Cherlove I haven’t done a Cher site review for eons. But my friend Jeffrey sent me this fabulous photo of Cher’s bling-bling nails circa the 1960s. The photo came from an absolutely even more fabulous Russian site called Cher Love:

Home page photo of Cher doing a 360 is a tad creepy and the colors are gray and gloomy with an odd spray of pink. It’s almost like a subliminal political statement about a modern cold war.

Sections include:

  • Film – a flat list with release dates; some personal commentary would be niceNails to add
  • Multimedia – a good video collection from 2005-2008 including Cher’s Keep a Child Alive commercial and a C-span appearance.
  • Biography – nothing for non-fans and nothing for 80s Geffen-era or Believe fans.
  • Forum – the forum is in Russian so I didn’t bother to join. I will have my Russian-speaking friend dig in to it.
  • Music -  Flat list with release dates. My only quibble with the list is that the line item "1973 The Two of Us" should be in compilations since it was basically a re-release of two S&C early 60s albums.
  • Links – Small list that’s a good to start doing your Cher surfing. I noticed yesterday that is back offline again. Sad face. So I took it off my favorites list. Another sad face.
  • News – only began two months ago but is up to date. I like that it posts movie alerts when Cher movies appear on cable. Legitimate news that is always overlooked on other sites.
  • Awards – Way cool awards list. So kewl I printed it out.
  • However, the best section is the gallery which is absolutely a delicacy: It’s organized very efficiently - how Russian of them.

Gallery is organized by:

  • Public eventsImperialcover_2
    Various public events, and other appearances.
  • Television
    Captures, press photos, interview, and other images from television series and specials. 
  • Candids
    Various paparazzi photos.
  • Professional
    Photoshoots, and modeling.
  • Films
    Captures, press photos, and posters.
  • Magazines
    Covers, and scans.
  • Live Tours
    Live tours, and concerts.
  • Other Photo
    Books, parfume, posters, art works, and other.

My favorite photo on the site so far is this one to the right above. I love that picture - so grunge-glam.

Plus an added benefit: you learn the Russian translations for all your favorite Cher words, like Mask is Маска. Cher Love: Worth it’s weight in rubles! Bravo.




Glad that you have discovered Cher Love and YES the gallery is amazing!


MACKA is pronounced “MASKA” as the letter C in the Russian alphabet is the same sound as our S.

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