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Cher Week in Review

Interviews, Videos and Games

Glasses This photo is here in honor of the new sun-glasses I bought this week. The rest is miscellaneous knits and gnats:

Tyler on Chergroups posted this interview last week – more preview info on the show plus a sneak peak at the outside of the Cher store!

Speaking of Tyler, he did a great video tribute to Cher singing "Nature Boy" with some rare photos. I’m envious of Cherinbevhills_3 his rare photos.

And there's a new fun online game: Cher or Drag Cher: /main/2008/02/cher-or-drag-ch.html. I missed one!!!

And here's a photo of Cher in Beverly Hills recently. I love her bun!



If Cher came back to do television now (and in this fictional universe, let's pretend the abomination that is reality tv doesn't exist), what would you like to see her do?

Cher Scholar

I'd prefer to see Cher in her creative milieu. A project runway or "design this house" episode with Cher as a guest or recurring guest - and not as a judge, as someone creating spaces or costume designs.


I'd go more for Cher as the executive prosecutor on "Law & Order", I don't know why. She was a great attorney in Suspect, and I just wanna see her rip up courtroom scenes.

She'd be GREAT as a psychic character though, in something like "Supernatural".

But if it was still on the air, I would have loved to see her on "Northern Exposure." I don't know why.

Cher Scholar

You know I was only thinking reality tv. TV dramas?? Hmmm...she's too big for the little screen now! But fantasy: her own solid night each week on the new drama In Treatment. The sparks with Gabriel Byrne! Hot!!

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