My Inaugural Cher Tree
'Do you believe' in life after rumours?

My Class is are my last pots

The last thing I made that I really liked was a box. I'm putting packs of flower seeds in it. Seeds in my box. Keep on moving. Nothing to see here.









That's not true...I also made this pot over Thanksgiving - a sort of ode to my birth state of New Mexico.









And the best assignment was to create a mask. I loved this assignment but there are still some fixes I want to make to my mask...some gold and silver sparkle to his skin. I gave this to my bf as he inspired it.











We had to make a big vase. I almost had a meltdown during this assignment because my base kept collapsing - the walls were too thin. And then it looked bland so I added a snake that turned out to look more like an eel and then the glaze turned out red and now brown. Sad times.














And these last two were my first attempts to make pots on the wheel. That was freakin hard! I ran out of time to glaze them (emergency apartment hunting interfered) so I raku fired them. One turned out shiny black and one turned out funky green. Stud-student-helper guy told me he ran out of newspaper to fill both pots so the green one didn't turn out...however, the green color was what the raku glaze tub predicted it should look like and I like that one better, personally.

















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