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10 Years Ago

Little Legends

Little Last weekend I went to Vegas to meet up with an old chum from graduate-school dayz at Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. We visited our favorite spots: The Peppermill, The Liberace Museum and we saw a trashy show at Planet Hollywood casino (formerly Aladdin), 'Little Legends' at the Harmon Theater. I was lured by the possibility of seeing an unusual brand of Sonny & Cher impersonation as done by diminutives, little folk, short people. The show wasn’t so great. The tall magician/host Jeff Hobson was funny enough (he did a hilariously tall and gangly 60s version of Cher partnered with a tiny 60s version of Sonny), but there Elena_4 was little actual impersonating going on of a professional nature. Imagine lip syncing worse than by Sonny himself. The outfits were half-assed and about the only thing I could recommend about it were brothers Abdoule and Adama Kone who are in their 30s and from the Ivory Coast. Of a cast of four little  people, they had dancing talent of their own and scored with routines to The Temptations, Michael Jackson and Milli Vanilli. However, the biggest cheer of the night came from the guest star of the show, in casino cross-marketing for the late-night show Lucky Chengs Drag Show, Elena Perez doing Cher’s "Turn Back Time." See her picture to the right. I've cut myself out because I look fat and celebrity obsessed.

According to reports, the show usually closes with Elvis but a few of the little people were MIA for our show. Again, the fact that Cher was a showstopper here is significant. Like Elvis, she is ubiquitous for larger than life. So not only has she sung like Elvis and dressed like Elvis, she seemed to have earned a likeness of his gravitas.

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