Merry Christmas Cherbies!
Sonny & Cher on Shivaree

Happy New Year!

Giorgio_moroder Take a deep breath everyone; it’s a new year. Last year was pretty good I must say, bumps aside. Took some good trips, made some money for a change, experienced career advancement, published some poems, made some pots, blogged about the Chermeister.

Ugh. I hate when people do that to proper names. I really do. Please accept my first apology of the new year. So far, it has been an uneventful one. My boyfriend (who stuck with me through the last weeks of moving drama) was sick over New Years just as I was starting to get back into the groove after the move from Venice to Redondo Beach. I was a whiny lump of exhaustion the whole time. We now have a yard (a patch of grass just screaming “I need a dog”), a garage to store all my Cher crap in and an extra meditation/martial arts room. Ahhhh – so nice! Only bad news: no kitchen counter space. My mother will be upset when she visits this year but we will deal.

This was my major Cher-thought over the holiday as I was listening to The Very Best of Cher (I played it about seven times -- very much a coping exercise as I was hauling my own furniture down the Pacific Coast Highway in Bluebelle, my Chevy Cavalier.

Cover_foxes The Cher-thought: Who would have guessed a match up between Cher and Giorgio Moroder would turn out to be so boring? I’m speaking of the song “Bad Love” of course from the Foxes soundtrack. I mean, what a kewl early-80s match-up to be made in a post-disco-pre-new-wave sort of heaven? It was such a particular musical era between Donna Summer and Duran Duran, a time where Flashdance was king Cher was mostly MIA. What a dud that song turned out to be. I don’t blame the songwriting skillz of Cher (which I kind of dig, frankly) or Moroder-magic. Solid building blocks for something off the charts, right? Am I right? I guess the irony is these gargantuan parts managed to sabotage the actual sum of those parts.




Hmm, I don't think I know the "Bad Love" tune but I think Cher should be proud to be on the FOXES soundtrack - excellent flick, after all, with Scott Baio on the skateboard. It sort of makes me think that's what the "sex and the city" gals would have been like in high school - great portrait of womens friendships.

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