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10 Years Ago

Sonnyfuneral Sonny has been gone ten years now. Can you believe it? Seems like just a few years ago when I bolted out of my Yonkers bed during Matt Lauer’s Today Show intro.  As soon as he said “Sonny Bono, Congressman from California...” I knew Sonny was dead. How? Because, Today Show anchors Matt and Katie only introduce people trailing a somber title like that when someone was dead. I was half asleep and I knew right away. I ran to turn my VCR on. That’s what a Cher freak I am. I also excused myself from work for a few extra hours to "attend the funeral on CNN." I couldn’t believe the amount of coverage that story got and how obsessed everyone was with finding Cher (who was in London at the time). The tabloid pics of the funeral were heartbreaking, actually. It was an amazing story. Although the butt of some jokes for the way he perished, most people were affected by the story which goes to show there’s more to Cher’s popularity (and unpopularity) than most people yet believe.

1998 was also the year I started working at Ape and newly discovered eBay. I was getting Cher-mail everyday and learning all about zines. My favorites were 8 Track Frame of Mind, Bust, Beer Frame, and The Curmudgeon’s Home Companion (which stopped publishing this year, sad to say). I just realize I’ve been gone from New York City for almost 10 years myself and I’ve been in LA for six years already! Jesus, it’s probably time to move. ;-)



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