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Sadness and How It Makes Me Soft on Elijah Blue

Littleman_2 I’ve been steeped in sadness this last week over my move and sudden unexpected (and profoundly disappointing) interpersonal dysfunctions in relation to said move. I’ve been watching YouTube Cher videos to cheer up.

First , S&C singing Little Man – look at those hilarious earrings: are they fuzzy dice? I love how intimate S&C seem in this video, how even then Sonny is trying to fix Cher’s hair, his wacky suit and how in love and in sync they seem at this moment in time.

Cher sings Fire in Monte Carlo - I truly love how that dress moves.Montecarlo

Sonny & Cher Mike Douglas Interview from early 70s

Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3

Watch what a bad job Sonny does lip syncing and his follow-up comments about being a better producer/writer than a singer – which is remarkably different from the interview he did as Cher’s guest on The Mike Douglas show in late 70s where they tell him he should continue producing and he says he wants to perform. I think he must have missed all the spot-light rigmarole and hullabaloo.

Hairswing Next S&C sing The Beat Goes On – oh those hilariously animated French people. I love Cher’s hair swinging around in this one and her crazy hippie dancing.




Insane Cher wig alert! Cher is such a better lip sync-er than sonny.Wig_2




To prove what a sad state I’m in, I actually enjoyed this Elijah interview from earlier this year. I chalk it up to not being in my right mind. It still irks me that Elijah can’t give Cher artistic cred. I know its hard in comparison to his Dad (who has built-in-coolness) but it would be so truly antagonistic (since it’s his job to be an antagonist – which is an interesting idea) to give his mom some props beyond pop lite throw-off compliments.  Undercore is an interesting term, the constantly moving edge. I’m not sure I can connect it yet to what I’ve seen from Deadsy and I’m still uncomfortable with his critiques of women’s value and intelligence as he has not yet proven himself to be brilliant.

Here he is on Howard Stern late last year. I actually like Howard’s show, exactly because it takes the piss out of celebrity interviews and inverts the power structures of those interviews. We see Elijah shares the Cher trait of abbreviating names needlessly. Paris becomes Pare. It was also interesting (in a kind of icy way) hearing Elijah describe living in a Cher house, where there could be 50 people roaming around and you wouldn’t see anyone for days. That’s so fucking depressing. (I think that’s my moving stress talking). Elijah had good words for Cher’s boyfriends: Rob, Gene and Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise? I thought that was just a rumor. I feel all like Mrs. Spencer Tracy now. “Katharine Hepburn: I thought you were just a rumor.” Snap.


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