Cher Charitable Foundation Says Hello
TV Land Greatest TV Icons

Thanksgiving Couture

Turkeylamp I’m watching TV Lands Greatest TV Icons tonight to start off my very exciting Dead Turkey Day plans for the weekend. For some odd reason, my bf and I our unseasonably festive this year and have decided to decorate our digs this weekend, bake cookies and generally be cheery. This is most unusual.

To keep you busy over the weekend if your family is tormenting you with discussions of embarrassing childhood moments involving Thanksgiving leftovers of yore, retreat to your room and play with Eddie Kent's 60s Cher paper dolls. You can play with them online!

Turkeysc_2 I couldn't find a particularly Thanksgiving Cher photo but here is a video of S&C singing in Thanksgiving colors: Just imagine them coming over to your dinner party dressed like that with some giblets and boxed wine.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving - adopt a turkey next year:



Now that I look at this outfit on Sonny again, I believe he got his coat mixed with Captain Kangaroo!

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