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Trophy Hunters Catch Picture

Tmz TMZ Staff posted their vague Los Angeles Cher sighting news: “Hallelujah! Cher Has Risen!” on October 8 2007 at 11:20AM.

She was somewhere in the vast metropolitan area of LA supposedly waiting for her Bentley convertible to be brought around.

TMZ is snarky. I like snark.

“Most of Cher is 61 years old. Last year's auction of some of her chatchkas netted $3.5 million, with a huge chunk going to charity. Some reports have Cher's net worth at half a billion. Believe!”

My comments and questions:

  1. 1. Is a Cher sighting all that rare these days? It’s good that TMZ is excited enough about this one to hurl out a Hallelujah.
    2. How much will fans pay for those sunglasses in 2056?
    3. How large of a chunk did go to charity exactly and what charity what that again? Do they have a website?
    4. Half a billion? No shit?
    5. Sell a Bentley; buy a Bentley.


My Pots Have Arrived!

Skip de doo, Irv! My first ceramics class pots are done! Who-hoo!

I started my first art class, a pottery class, at Santa Monica college with my friend Christopher. I felt it would be a fun working-meditation activity. Plus I love clay! But it took our first pinch pots (mine below) forever to be fired, glazed and re-fired. It's week five or six basically and we have finally finished our first pots.




I call this pot Wobbly Blue because it wobbles like a weeble but it doesn't tip over...and its blue.




Wobbly Blue - inside




This is called Thin Walls with Spot because the teacher wanted a bowl with thinner walls and a mysterious spot appeared in my glaze.



Thin Walls with Spot - inside

I'm going to name my pots for their imperfections (I will be hard to choose which one) as the great beauty of this exercise is letting go of the idea of perfection and loving the modest, flawed thing you made.


Danny Boy and the Thirteenth High School Confession

Nyro I'm back from my bittersweet high school reunion. The trip was great. Gave my bf a big hometown tour of me. Don’t worry, he didn’t suffer. There were plenty of river boats, historical re-enactors and pre-historic mounds to keep him happy. Story and pics coming soon.

In the meantime, Cherworld has posted an amazingly unusual Cher interview (it’s European, of course). Give it a looksee. Something about it will relate to my high school reunion story.

For my bf’s birthday last year I gave him two Laura Nyro CDs. He had expressed interest in my Nyro/LaBelle CD which I bought because I love Patty LaBelle. Still, he didn’t like Laura Nyro at all (although since yesterday, I discovered he secretly has been listening to one of them at work) and these two CDs have been on my list of things to listen to for about a year. Two days ago I finally put on Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, her breakout album on the Columbia label with then-manager David Geffen.

First of all, I had placed Nyro in the mid 70s, not late 60s. Knowing this tid-bit unlocked a door for me. I can say I finally get it: her fluid genre-melds are pretty amazing for the time and her lyrics are poeticly playful. I’m still not very fond of her soprano voice. It’s too shrill for me most of the time. But I love “Sweet Blindness” and “Stoned Soul Picnic” and “Poverty Train” has really grown on me. And best of all, I finally see from where came Nelly McKay!

I’m a bit overwhelmed with catching up on Cher news this week but I did join my first Facebook Cher group: If You Don't Love Cher, You Are A Dirty Dirty Communist. Good questions are not really brewing there yet but I did see a good question on the Yahoo!Chergroups list posted by daniel martinez:

What Cher song has the most meaning to you and why?

This is a particularly difficult question for me. I’m not very sentimental about Cher songs. I’m much more academic and cerebral about my love of Cher music. Her albums do notate the timeline of my life but mostly as a background soundtrack. For instance, we used to yell the chorus of “Laugh at Me” before doing belly bombs into our neighborhood pool. I also remember re-enacting the storyline of “Send the Man Over” from Cherished. However, I was only 8 years old and the major sexual innuendos in the song went over my innocent five-foot head. I guess the two songs that tug on my heart-sleeves would be "Somebody" and "Danny Boy."

"Somebody" reminds me of being five or six years old in the mid-70s, listening to Sonny & Cher on my parents phonograph in our front living room – lots of New Mexico sunlight, the jump rope as my microphone. Groovy times. I love Cher’s vocal on that song. And "Danny Boy" always makes me vaclempt. The sadness in her voice. Speaking from beyond the grave. It’s all there. You can read more about my top 10 favorite Cher songs on Cherscholar.