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Miracle Seaweed Pots

I have two new pots to show. I call these two pots my miracle pots. This was for a saggar seaweed kiln project in class. I left them to be bisque fired before I missed a class to go to St. Louis for my high school reunion.'s what happened - apparently when all the class pots were fired, the kiln went all nutty and all the pots exploded! All except for my two pots which came out unscathed for some odd  reason. And no I didn't sabotage the other pots! This apparently happens quite a bit in ceramics...things explode, break or some other such thing. It's a heartbreaking art. Anyway, all the other classmates had to make new pots the next week while I was gone.

Here are my miracle pots, fired with seaweed to give them funky designs. I'm still new to the wiley ways of clay so I'm still making safe, small pots.



I call this one Miracle Pot #1 with Bulges.



Miracle Pot #1 with Bulges from the top.



During the seaweed firing of this pot, the kiln didn't turn off by itself and the pots became over-cooked. So I'm calling this one Miracle Pot #2, Crispy.




Crispy from the top.



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