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"Honey Bee" is not on any version of WEST, to my knowledge. I read "I'm With The Band" as a teen too! Nice review. Lucinda's fascinating. I'd always known about her, but WEST was the first CD I bought. I liked it alot at first, and was all gung-ho on obtaining her entire catalog. A few months passed, and I played WEST again, and it sort of made me queasy, so I sold it. I guess I'll remain content respecting her from afar....sort of like Dylan....respect him immensely as a writer, but can't listen to the actual music.

Cher Scholar

You're right. Honey Bee isn't on West. I'm hallucinating. Researchiing it today I found one reviewer who called the song "punkabilly!" West is too dull for me. I prefer World Without Tears and Essence. Although my father and my bf, love "Lake Charles" on the Gravel Road album. Both say it makes them vaclempt.

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