Cher Listed Among the Best Bob Dylan Covers
Questions to Cher Scholar

What's Cher Scholar Been Doing with Her New Cher Dolls?

Actually, I’m a little hurt no one has asked. I's like you don't really care.

But I'll tell you anyway. I coerced my boyfriend into doing some interpreitve modeling.







The LA billboard of Cher doll and Bijan for Men








Michael Kors despairs over the Bob Mackie hole-fit on an episode of Project Runway.   







Who hid our Harleys?






Precious and few are the moments we two can Cher.   

Swarthy1This is my bf in the shirt I bought him for his birthday. He bought me Sirius radio for my birthday and helped me install it a few weeks ago. I've since been stalking the dance, 60s and 70s stations for 18 days until I was finally able to create a Memo Alert for Cher. Now I’m free to roam the vast forest of cable radio programming. Speaking of my birthday, I also got papercut Lancaster County/Amish art from my parents, an iPod car converter and the second Nellie McKay album which is utterly awesome. She’s getting better with time and each song has something eclectic and interesting going on in it. My favorite songs today are "Yodel," "There You are in Me" and "I Will Be There."




i love your blog, but maybe you should rethink buying your boyfriend anymore shirts.

Cher Scholar

He *asked* for that shirt!


DUHHHH!!! as my hand hits my forehead. i really should have thought it through. SORRY for not giving you the trust you so richly deserve.


Is that "Mary Ladd" in the pics? Get it? Merry Lad. Or is Cher Scholar a real, anatomically correct woman? Never have seen a pic of Ms. Mary....I don't think I have, anyway.

Cher Scholar

No worries John. It's an understandable concern you had. Rob...there are pictures of me pretty nearby. You just have to link around this chain of sites for them. I'm going to tell my bf that there is suspicion out there about my anatomical correctness. I may get some action tonite out of it!


Ah, ok. Just saw the pic of you with Hugs. Very beautiful.

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