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More iPod-Inspired Feminist Ponderings

77allmanandwoman_sOh dear January, where have you gone. My lame excuses for my blog absences include: a bad cold I caught while making a five-hour drive to find out if my little 2-year old dog friend, Edgar, would like the snow in Mammoth, California; getting bogged down with cleaning my office; and a new job offer. I’m just now getting into the swing of things again with Ape Culture, I Found Some Blog and Cher Scholar. In the meantime, lots of Cher news has gone by my desk. Malibu caught on fire, (Cher’s house was spared, Suzanne Somers’ wasn’t), Cher sold a Palm Springs house, war protests, and yahoo fan posts about Cher pics in The Tabloid That Shall Not Be Named. Were they doctored photos? Also, there were rumblings about what may be going on with Cher headlining in Vegas is 2008? I also just got my new Deadsy CD in the mail. So many things to write about.

Today, I checked the official fan club and it’s still in lock down. I’ve been attempting to join since October 15 of last year (without bothering to email anybody at the site, mind you). I wonder if they are beyond having technical issues with the site. I did read their pretty extensive legal Terms and Conditions a while back. Maybe the issue is one of a legal nature. Or maybe they’re having issues with their Official status. I haven’t heard any news about the situation on the fan posts. Hmmm. It’s a mystery for this lazy detective.

Mansworld_1 As I was loading all my Cher songs onto my iPod this month (584 Cher songs out of 2951), I did stop to ponder the feminist juxtaposition of two album covers, the cover for Allman & Woman’s Two the Hard Way (1977) and Cher’s It’s a Man’s World (1996) almost 20 years later. The first cover would make feminist cringe and the other would cheer them up a bit. We go from a Surrendered Wife looking pose to something calmly empowering yet defiantly feminine. The Man’s World photo alludes to the power of Eve and the power of women, a subject covered in the James Brown (RIP) It’s a Man’s World title track. A pretty swell evolution... of sorts.



great post. were they doctored? were they doctored??

i like how you kind of chose these two albums and threw them together, an unlikely combination, and actually gave a really interesting and accurate reading of the photos and really, feeling of the album. keep on keepin'on! makes for a great read after a long day of school/work!

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