Diva Stank
Is Cher a Feminist?

Wait a minute....

Notopblog_1 Judge not ye Cher fan, least ye be judged. Shortly after I posted that Diva Skank post, I remembered a public faux pas that happened with Cher back in 1979 at a roller skating party. Some photographer captured Cher's "shelf" (as my mother would call it) when the camera flash penetrated the mesh of Cher's black top. Unexpectedly. It was scandalous. People wondered the same thing at the time: was that an accident or a skanky publicity stunt? I can't find the paparazzi shot, but it looked something similar to this outfit to the left.

Truly, Shakespeare (and Agatha Christie) had it right: there's nothing new under the sun.




oh yeah, rollerskating - thats what it was. ignore my comment on the entry below - i wrote it before i read this entry.

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