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Rejected Blog Title #2: Blog of Stone

Don't you sometimes wish your blog was a blog of stone? Me too. It's tough to watch great Cher websites come and go. People get busy. Lives move on. Fans auction away their savings for dusty feather boas.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express concern for the great sites that are down. Everything Cher was down for a good while but I see it's back up. That's great, because it's a comprehensive site with some quirky special things about it.



Just Plain Cher is not back up, however, since back around Cher auction time (at least that's when the news post look like they've stopped coming). I'm worried about this site because it's one of my personal favorites. JPC has been up a long time, and some great material has rotated on and off the site, some great reviews you couldn't find elsewhere, like of rare TV specials for instance. This was run by long-time fandom and I loved their perspecitve on Cher stuff. Text wise, it was the strongest site. JPC also had a very current news feature, as well. Plus easy-to-use forums and some creative games like the Gypsy Fortune Teller. There was definitely some scholarship happening on that site. JPC, we hope you're doing okay and making plans to return someday.


Everythingcher I missed Everything Cher, too. Although its forum isn't as active, the site has a comprehensive Cher Tattoo Index! And other great stuff under Miscellaneous including Cher on stamps, in comix and other quirky Cher collectibles. There's also a page on the disturbing process of making the newest version of the Cher doll. And, if you purchased the computer game 9 because Cher's voice was on it and learned quickly that a walk-through guide was necessary because you spend more time collecting Cher crap than playing video games and therefore your game IQ is now pathetically low, Everything Cher offers such a guide.

And if you're ready to start a Cher collection from scratch, the blueprint for you is here: a great collectible book list, magazines to look for, a video/DVD list, and Cher music organized in alternative ways for your various educational needs. The album section shows cover art, song titles, song times and basic album details.

Only the news and tour schedule information is moldy oldie. Which possibly means the site is existing virtually parent-less, but that's okay. As a ghost town, it's still a valuable piece of Cher scholarship.



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