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Diva Stank

Schilton_1 So I'm assuming everybody has seen the recent skanky Britney Spears photos. If you're underage, I'm hopefully assuming you haven't. I'm not quite sure this was the best way to clean up an image after Kevin Federline's long-overdue exit; but I'm not a bonafide Stylist so what do I know about the latest celebrity look.

In a recent New York Post blurb, Cher's publicist, Liz Smith, encourages Britney to hang with Cher instead of Paris Hilton, saying Cher is "clever and level-headed." Liz also snipes that Cher is "actually famous for something."

Now, I wholeheartedly agree with Liz; but I know more than a few snarky rock fans out there who will jump all over that one. Cher once had her own legitimacy problems out in the arena of public opinion.

In any case, haven't they all released perfume lines? Heiress, Curious, and Uninhibited. Although, rumor has it Cher now wears a chocolate sent called Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacoa. Go buy these if you simply must smell like your favorite Diva or if you're Britney and you have some recent smell of public skank to cover. Britney! Don't make Paris look angelic, now. What would Bob Dole think?

Anyway, Cher wouldn't hang out with Paris Hilton. Cher's had enough drama with the Hilton's of this world, way back to 1965 when Sonny & Cher tried to stay at the London Hilton and press reported them getting booted for looking like skanks themselves. I found this photo today on Google images. It purports to be S&C actually at the Hilton back when Paris, who wasn't born until 1981, was just some skank-potential floating around her mum's young fallopian tubes.    

Well at least Cher can exit a car like a hippie lady in those pow-wow chaps.




Didn't Cher get photographed in some transparent top at some point? I seem to recall those photos, but I dont remember if it was intentionally see-thru or not. But I remember nips were on view.

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