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April 09, 2009



Cher's hair is naturally brown and she has been dying it all these many years. I read this a long long time ago when I was little in a booklet all dedicated to how CHER achieves her look. She also under went a lot of that painful perm. hair removal processs called, Electrolysis to shape her hair line into a widows peak and had her arm pitts done as well, so she never has to shave her under arms (TMI?) She cut her hair right before she appeared on that week as co-host on the Mike Douglas show because she had permed it and after a while that causes major damage. Everytime CHER performs or appears in public she wears wigs except in her private life. But if she let her hair go she would indeed have greying hair but since she is in the habit of dying it black all the time it never shows.


Question for Cher Scholars out there- In dressing style, is Beyonce the new Cher?

Cher Scholar

I've definitely heard people say that a time or two. Speaking for myself, I'm not enuff of a Beyonce scholar to know for sure.


while there is and can never be another CHER, I do see some of CHER's style displayed in Beyonce, but she has gone a step further with it and has her own clothing line designed by her mother.

Term Paper

Anyway, she primarily wore her own very long hair up through end of 1978/beg of 1979 when she cut it short for the first dramatic time, I like Kate Jackson style.

Laurie Dudley

Cher names her wigs. For example on this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R44wrj0lbFs - Letterman interview, she discusses the wig-wearing and that the blonde wig she is wearing is called "Meg". Lovely!

Modu wigs

Cher is one of the influential people in the world of fashion. She's one of the reasons why wigs have become popular. It's not all the time you can cut your hair, dye, or even have hair extension just to be fashionable. Wigs are tools that give you freedom to explore the different fashion statements.

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