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October 23, 2008



Is it possible that people are remembering seeing her sing it on her TV show? My husband and I both see her singing this song in our memories.

The voice I hear singing this song is hers - or one like hers, and her voice was quite distinctive.

Cher Scholar

If people remember her singing it on TV then I'm afraid they're wrong. I've watched hours and hours and hours and hours of Cher TV coverage and seen credit lists of all her solo and duet shows and have never come across a performance of her doing this song - even on a special or guest spot on someone else's show.

But I hear what you're saying. I think it's an audial illusion.


I'm sure that she did it on their tv show, she was all decked up in a white indian outfit with a big white feather headress trailing on the flour, made a lasting impression on me - but could be wrong...

Cher Scholar

She sang Half Breed in the big Indian outfit.

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