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October 12, 2006



I can see that some people might be upset that Cher things cost money... but they do sometimes, believe me in know and it is really in your face when you are just a working class paycheck to paycheck kind of person. I haven't had a paycheck since last March.
I do own a home which enables me to get equity lines of credit.. Thank God or Buddha whatever!!!
I have been a fan of our Cher since 1973... Thats when I said to myself that's who I want to be when I grow up. I was 11 years old.
I sound like Rupaul!
Anyway, Im not Cher but I still feel the same way ..She is a wonderful person! I did meet her once. I have spent extreme bank on Cher tickets on ebay... Taken a far trip to be there when she got her Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame etc.
Dragged my Mom to take me to see the Sonny & Cher Show (missed school that day) but the memory will always be there and it is one of the episodes that is on the DVD.
OMG.. when you are a Cher fan you cannot blame her for the way her lifestyle is or that it costs money to get things that you want because you love her... They are not necessecities, but they are a part of your passion.
Let it go and have more of a "It will come back to you" kind of attitude. Really it works. I purchased something on the auction that I am sure I way over payed for and I felt nausious when it was over..
I have made peace with it now because I deserve it. If you really can't afford something, than don't feel bad because you couldn't get it, be glad that you weren't in a position in the first place to bother.
The hard covers will be out in a couple of weeks as she went to europe before they were supposed to be signed.
Peace and Love to you all

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